Which Formulas Help with Gas and Fussiness in Babies?


Gas in babies and kids can cause tummy pain, but it’s often normal, especially in newborns. Yet, if your child seems extra fussy, has smelly or loose poop, struggles with feeding or sleeping, or cries a lot, it might be more than just gas—it could be colic or a food issue. But if your baby is generally happy and eating fine, occasional gas is probably nothing to worry about. You can learn how to prevent triggers and ease gas pains when they happen by choosing the best formula for gassy babies that will ease their fussiness, some of which you can also mix with their food!

Choosing the Best Formula to Prevent Gas and Fussiness in Babies

Most babies do well with regular cow’s milk formula, but some need something gentler. Luckily, there are formulas designed to help babies with gas or tummy troubles feel better. Wondering which ones are best? Fortunately, we did our research to find the top options based on price, ingredients, and how easy they are to find. Keep reading to discover the best formula for your gassy baby.

Up & Up Gentle Infant Formula with Iron

Up & Up Gentle Infant Formula with Iron is Target’s own brand and stands out as our top choice for its good price and ingredients like DHA, iron, and prebiotics. It’s in powder form and has proteins that are partly broken down, which can help babies with sensitive tummies digest it better. Pros include being the cheapest in our list, having added iron, and being non-GMO. However, it’s only sold at Target.

HiPP Dutch

HiPP Dutch formula is popular among parents because it’s made cleanly and has good nutrition. It’s especially liked for babies with gas. It doesn’t have any bad stuff in it and includes probiotics and prebiotics, which help babies’ tummies. This formula is gentler on digestion compared to others.

Parent’s Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron

Parent’s Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron is Walmart’s own brand and part of their Parent’s Choice line. It’s made for babies with sensitive tummies and says it can help with fussiness and gas because it has much less lactose than regular formulas, as per Walmart. It’s a good option because it’s cheap, has added iron, and includes DHA, lutein, and vitamin E. But you can only find it at Walmart.

Holle Goat Formula

Switching to a goat milk-based formula might help babies with gas feel better. Goat milk has less whey protein than cow milk. Some babies have trouble digesting these proteins, which can cause gas, bloating, and cramps. Goat milk doesn’t have as many of these proteins, so it might be better for babies. Holle Goat Formula is one option that’s liked because it has clean ingredients, no palm oil, and includes DHA and ALA. It’s also a good choice for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk.

HiPP Comfort

HiPP Comfort is made just for babies who get gassy. It’s designed to be really easy for babies to digest, which helps stop gas from building up in their tummies. Lots of parents like it because it’s great for gassy babies. HiPP Comfort Formula has probiotics and prebiotics, no sugar, corn syrup, or soy, and it uses hydrolyzed milk protein to lower the lactose. It’s perfect for sensitive little ones who need something gentle on their tummies.

Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive Infant Formula

Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive Infant Formula comes in powder, liquid, and ready-to-feed options, making it handy for different feeding times. The ready-to-feed version is pre-measured and has a nipple, so you can use it right away. It’s non-GMO and helps with brain, immune system, and digestion development. It includes five HMO prebiotics to keep the baby’s gut healthy, as per Similac. You can find it easily in stores and online, and it’s offered in more forms than any other formula in our list.

Go & Grow by Similac Sensitive Toddler

Go & Grow by Similac Sensitive Toddler is a drink made for toddlers who can’t handle lactose. It helps their immune system, thanks to a special ingredient, as stated by Similac. It’s unique because it’s the only formula in our list made just for toddlers aged 12 to 36 months. Plus, it has added iron, DHA, lutein, and vitamin E, which are all good for growing kids. But right now, it’s not available at Walmart or on Amazon, and it only comes in powder form.

Aptamil Comfort Formula For Gas

Aptamil Comfort is made to help babies who feel uncomfortable because of gas and colic. It’s made with gentle stuff that helps their tummies feel better and stops too much gas from building up. Parents like it because it helps calm their baby’s tummy during feeding time, making it a happier experience. Aptamil Comfort Formula includes prebiotics and DHA, and it’s free from sugar and corn syrup. Plus, it uses hydrolyzed milk protein to lower the lactose. It’s a top choice for babies who struggle with colic and constipation.

Parent’s Choice Gentle Infant Formula with Iron

Parent’s Choice Gentle Infant Formula with Iron is a wallet-friendly choice from Walmart’s own brand. It’s got added iron and could help ease fussiness and gas, as Walmart says. One good thing is that it’s easy on your budget and has DHA and choline, which are good for babies’ development. But you can only get it in powder form, and it’s only at Walmart.

Choose the Most Appropriate Formula That Will Help with Gas and Prevent Fussiness

If you’re looking to ease your baby’s gas and fussiness, consider trying different formulas tailored to their needs. From options designed for sensitive tummies to those suitable for toddlers, there’s a formula out there to help bring comfort to your little one. Take a closer look at the unique features and benefits of each formula mentioned here to find the best fit for your baby’s needs.

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