Tried and True Home Security Systems for Seniors


In today’s world, aging adults face a heightened need for security due to the prevalence of scams and burglaries targeting them. Selecting an appropriate home security systems for seniors can be a challenging task. Fortunately, we compared some popular home security systems, providing valuable insights such as which ones offer cellular backup or have superior cameras. In this list, we aim to guide you in choosing the right home security system for seniors, offering recommendations based on our expertise to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Best Home Security Systems for Seniors

If you want to ensure the security of your family members with a home security system for the elderly, below is a list of brands you might want to consider:


ADT is one of the top alarm systems for seniors that’s professionally installed. They offer robust and reliable home security equipment, including high-quality Nest cameras, with seamless integration with Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control, which is particularly beneficial for seniors. However, pricing for ADT’s equipment is not straightforward, as the company prefers to keep costs discreet. ADT exclusively provides professional monitoring, ensuring seniors don’t need to personally manage security alerts, which is a significant advantage for their peace of mind.

The company boasts an impressive average response time of 30 seconds in emergencies, supported by nine call centers nationwide. While ADT’s full-service security comes at a premium, with equipment packages starting around $420 and monthly monitoring starting at about $45, these costs can increase with additional cameras. A 36-month subscription plan is required, but the investment offers substantial value, especially with a 20% installation discount and a $2 monthly monitoring reduction for AARP members.


Vivint is the best security system for the elderly who want automation. It offers top-notch, technologically advanced equipment, including highly capable home automation features that allow voice control of the system. Their outdoor cameras, with 4K image sensors and sophisticated person detection, differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles, providing precise alerts. However, this premium equipment comes at a significant cost. Like ADT, Vivint provides professional monitoring services, but with the added benefit of accessibility for non-alarm events, including emergency medical services, making it ideal for seniors with health concerns.

Vivint’s approach involves sending immediate alerts to users before contacting emergency services if there’s no response. A basic system with an added camera can cost around $1,000, and while there are few deals to reduce this price, the equipment can be financed, possibly leading to a commitment of up to five years. If relocating, an additional fee is required. Despite these costs, Vivint’s monitoring fees are somewhat lower than those of comparable full-service providers, offering a more affordable monthly option.


Abode provides a comprehensive range of security equipment, suitable for guarding against burglaries and environmental dangers like carbon monoxide. The company’s solid cameras integrate seamlessly with various smart home products, including garage door openers and thermostats, and are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Abode’s own CUE system. While Abode’s equipment may not be as robust as Vivint’s or ADT’s, it is notably smart and efficient. You have the option to choose between professional and self-monitoring; the latter offers real-time alerts and live footage access at no cost.

Opting for professional monitoring adds benefits like video storage, advanced technology like geofencing, and cellular backup, ensuring continuous protection. Abode stands out for offering high-end features at more affordable prices. Their top monitoring plan, the Pro Plan, is competitively priced at $20 per month, a relatively low cost for professional monitoring services. Equipment packages are budget-friendly too forlow-income seniors, with starter kits ranging from $250 to $350 and cameras available for as low as $60.


The best DIY home security for the elderly is Frontpoint. They also have top-notch outdoor security systems because Frontpoint’s continuously recording outdoor camera is a strong option. This system is ideal if you plan to gradually enhance your security, starting with a basic package around $130 and adding more sensors and cameras as needed. However, installation is entirely DIY, even though it’s a professionally monitored system. A limitation of Frontpoint is the lack of scalability in its monitoring service.

It offers only one monitoring plan, priced at $50 per month, regardless of whether you have a minimal setup or a comprehensive system with numerous cameras and sensors. This flat-rate pricing is advantageous for large homes but less so for smaller living spaces. Frontpoint offers three main packages, priced from $540 to $1,351, aligning with other full-service companies like ADT. However, its monitoring fees are slightly higher compared to other DIY services. For instance, while ADT’s monitoring ranges between $45 and $60, Frontpoint’s starts at $50, compared to SimpliSafe’s more affordable $20 per month.


With SimpliSafe, you have the flexibility to either build your own security system or select from various prepackaged options suitable for any home size or budget. However, the company’s range of cameras is somewhat limited, offering two indoor cameras (the original SimpliCam and the new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera), a wireless outdoor camera, and a video doorbell. SimpliSafe provides more variety in monitoring services, allowing you to either monitor the system yourself or opt for professional monitoring, which might be the preferred choice for many, especially older adults.

Besides no-contract and full-service monitoring options, SimpliSafe also offers plans that include recording with self-monitoring. Balancing between a premium and a DIY system, SimpliSafe lets you choose from completely DIY options, where you only pay for equipment, to adding cloud storage for an unlimited number of cameras at $10 per month. For $30 per month, your home can be under constant surveillance by professionals. This pricing is $15 less than ADT’s lowest option, but around $10 more than Ring’s monthly charge.

Ensure Safety with Top-Notch Home Security Systems for the Elderly

To ensure the safety and peace of mind of aging adults, selecting the right home security systems for seniors is crucial. With options ranging from advanced automation and professional monitoring to budget-friendly DIY setups, there’s a solution tailored to meet specific needs and preferences. Don’t compromise on security; take the step today to safeguard your home with a system that offers the perfect blend of reliability, ease of use, and value. Protect yourself or your loved ones by choosing a home security solution that aligns with your lifestyle and offers the peace of mind that everyone deserves.

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