Free CRM Solutions for Nonprofits: Empower Positive Change


Your nonprofit organization is driving meaningful transformation.  So you serve as a dynamic force for positive change on a global scale, harnessing various forms of external support, such as financial contributions and volunteer efforts, to facilitate this transformation. Luckily, there are free nonprofit CRM software solutions available to optimize your operations and enhance your efficiency. In this piece, we will delve into a selection of the best free CRM options for nonprofits currently available. We will also provide guidance on how to select the most suitable CRM software for your unique organization’s needs.

How to Choose the Best Free Nonprofit CRM Software

Choosing the appropriate free CRM software for nonprofits involves the critical task of verifying that it possesses the essential functionalities essential for the effective operation of a nonprofit organization.

It’s essential to contemplate the adoption of a solution that can:

  • Adapt and expand in line with your organization’s growth
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current suite of applications
  • Automate email communication effectively
  • Maintain a user-friendly interface, allowing volunteers and board members to operate it independently
  • Provide robust and responsive customer support

Following this assessment, the subsequent phase involves a thorough evaluation of each tool’s features and capabilities against these criteria to identify the ideal fit for your specific requirements.

Some of the Top Free Nonprofit Customer Database Software

In your search for top-notch free non profit database software, it’s essential to understand what it’s about and what it offers. Below are some of the best:


Givebutter stands as the adored choice among nonprofit fundraising platforms, offering the strength to inspire countless agents of change to secure increased funds, incur lower costs, and make contributions more impactful. This software serves as the go-to solution for nonprofits, consolidating a range of functionalities including donation forms, fundraising campaigns, event management, auctions, donor relationship management (CRM), email services, and text messaging, all without imposing any fees thanks to a fully transparent tip-or-fee model.


Springly stands out as a no-cost, cloud-based CRM software, celebrated for its unrivaled performance. Its user-friendly nature and sleek interface render it an ideal choice for nonprofit organizations initiating their customer relationship management journey, as well as for well-established charities managing significant resources.

For those eager to elevate their CRM capabilities, Springly provides an enterprise-grade alternative, replete with additional features and functionality, all delivered at a reasonable price point.


Elevate your nonprofit organization’s capabilities with Keela, the leading and cost-effective CRM platform meticulously tailored to cater to the unique requirements of the sector. Keela empowers fundraisers with intelligent tools and guidance for informed decision-making, leveraging your data to drive impactful outcomes.

Keela’s strength lies in its centralized contact database, offering detailed and insightful contact profiles. The platform streamlines communication and donation management, and boasts powerful email marketing capabilities. These essential features provide you with everything necessary to propel your organization to new heights.


Eleo is a nonprofit CRM that facilitates relationship management with donors, volunteers, and essential stakeholders. It operates on the Salesforce platform, allowing seamless integration with other Salesforce applications. Eleo offers a user-friendly interface accessible to individuals without prior CRM experience, while also enabling customized layout adjustments to tailor dashboard content to specific organizational requirements.

Little Green Light

Little Green Light is a holistic fundraising and donor management solution meticulously crafted to empower nonprofit organizations with the assurance and competence to achieve their goals. It boasts exceptional adaptability, offering an array of software integrations that can be seamlessly tailored to suit your nonprofit’s unique requisites. Featuring budget-friendly pricing, Little Green Light not only grants organizations the ability to flourish but also ensures they remain agile in the face of evolving needs. Embark on a journey to join our ever-expanding community of delighted and thriving users.


Funraise is a versatile nonprofit CRM platform designed to efficiently manage your organization’s donors, volunteers, and supporters. It simplifies donor tracking, enabling you to monitor contributions, donation history, and event participation. Whether you’re a small-budget nonprofit or experiencing growth, Funraise accommodates your needs and provides a user-friendly database for storing essential information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and more, ensuring you can easily manage and engage with your community of donors and volunteers.


NationBuilder, the community mobilization platform, energizes myriad high-impact global campaigns and movements. Propel your supporters into proactive participation with a unified suite featuring pre-designed website templates, an all-inclusive supporter repository, petitioning capabilities, robust field instruments, efficient fundraising and donor supervision, as well as cutting-edge email and texting functionalities. Foster vibrant community engagement through dynamic profiles that automatically evolve with each interaction. With over 9,000 satisfied clients across 112 nations, NationBuilder is the trusted choice for powering influential initiatives worldwide.


Aplos stands out as a cloud-based solution meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive requisites of nonprofit and church entities. It offers a comprehensive spectrum of features. Therefore, Aplos encompasses fund accounting, streamlined online donation management, advanced reporting capabilities, effective fundraising tools, event administration, and personalized communication tools. With Aplos, organizations can proficiently oversee their fund accounting tasks, including transaction reporting, financial management, cash flow tracking, and direct double entry accounting journal creation. Moreover, it empowers efficient fundraising through online donation facilities, customized communication strategies, donor database insights, and seamless event registration.

Aplos serves as an all-encompassing platform for users seeking a unified hub for their financial, donation, and donor data. It’s tailored to suit small to mid-sized organizations. So it accommodates nonprofits, foundations, service clubs, faith-based institutions, churches (ranging from church plants to multi-sites), and educational establishments

Choose the Best Free CRM Software for Nonprofits Like Yours

Elevate your nonprofit organization’s impact with these free CRM solutions tailored to empower positive change on a global scale. So if you’re seeking advanced features or just starting out, options like Givebutter, Springly, Keela, Funraise, and more provide the tools you need. So now is the time to harness their potential to streamline operations, boost fundraising, and enhance donor relationships.

Choose the CRM that best suits your organization’s unique needs, and embark on a journey towards greater efficiency and transformation. Start your nonprofit’s journey towards success today by selecting the ideal CRM that aligns with your mission and objectives.

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