The Most Energizing & Relaxing Morning Exercise for Kids


Without a doubt, it’s common knowledge that kids flourish with regularity and a well-organized framework. Moreover, their requirement for physical movement is multifold, extending beyond just eating healthy treats. Have you ever pondered the idea of introducing a brief morning exercise for kids into their daily schedule?

Granted, I understand that mornings tend to be quite hectic, particularly on school days. However, what if I informed you that dedicating less than 10 minutes each day could substantially enhance your child’s concentration, attentiveness, and overall learning capabilities?

Benefits of a Morning Workout for Kids

The significance of kids’ morning exercise has always been widely recognized. It’s a well-accepted fact that everyone agrees on the positive outcomes of exercise for children. Exercise combined with a proper diet equals a strong body. Yet, as parents, our care extends beyond their physical well-being; we’re equally focused on their mental and emotional wellness. The good news is that apart from boosting physical health, engaging in physical activities can also contribute to their mental and emotional growth.

Fun Morning Exercise for Kids

Certain exercises have the power to invigorate us in the morning and induce relaxation as the day winds down. Here are some top-notch activities for your little ones, perfect for jumpstarting their mornings and then winding them down at night.


While it might seem like the most straightforward approach, it’s important to note that this isn’t feasible for all families. Numerous kids reside too far from school, making walking an impractical option. Many are either driven to school or rely on the bus for transportation. Additionally, there are instances where the path between home and school poses safety concerns for walking: busy roads, cramped streets, or the absence of sidewalks.

If the notion of walking to school resonates with you and time permits, you might contemplate driving part of the way, parking, and then walking the remaining distance together. This strategy provides a wonderful opportunity to bond, relish the fresh air, and engage your children in discussions about the school day ahead. (And if you’re looking to keep them engaged, you can always share the latest fun animal fact you’ve recently learned!)

Downward Facing Dog

One of the best morning stretches for kids is Downward Facing Dog, and your kids will have to follow you.

Begin by positioning yourself on all fours – hands and knees on the floor. Next, elevate your knees off the ground, lifting your hips upwards, while simultaneously pressing your heels towards the floor and keeping your palms firmly planted. Keep your gaze directed downwards, allowing your head to be fully inverted. Maintain this stance for approximately 45 seconds, or if possible, for the entire minute.

This exercise serves as an excellent cool-down maneuver to conclude your workout. Additionally, the upside-down posture supplies a considerable amount of vestibular stimulation, which is known to aid in maintaining a sense of calmness in sensory-seeking individuals for an extended duration.

Jumping Jacks

One of the most popular morning exercises for students that teachers use to wake them up is Jumping Jacks. Transform this into a math challenge for the little ones by having them do jumping jacks while counting to 10, 20, or even 30. Just a quick round of these will do the trick, making it a simple yet powerful cardio workout that can be easily squeezed in right before heading out the door.

Animal Races

While it might not be the most suitable activity for school mornings, reserve this one for relaxed Saturdays and Sundays. Kickstart the day with a fun game of “Animal Races.” Encourage the little ones to (safely!) leap around the room like frogs, stroll like dogs, or scuttle like crabs. Incorporate their beloved animals and let your creativity run wild!

Safe Parkour Course

If your little one is among the many who’ve caught the Beastmaster or Ninja Warrior bug, why not design a mini course within or around your home? No need for complexity – just get them active and engaged. Grab a timer (a stopwatch, smartphone, or any smart device) and release the young warriors. What used to be an “obstacle course” gets a thrilling makeover as a “ninja challenge” or “the beast’s path.”

Time Trials

When you’re out of ideas, here’s a simple trick: ask your kids to do laps around the house. But there’s a twist! Instead of saying, “Run around the house 5 times,” try this: “I’m curious, how fast can you circle the house 3 times?” Time it! Then challenge them to beat their own record. The friendly competition (or is it the drive to improve?) adds that extra push of motivation.


Engaging in yoga during the evening is a splendid choice for your kids, as it aids in soothing their mind and promoting relaxation before they drift off to sleep. The gentle stretches and calming poses work together to create a serene atmosphere, allowing their thoughts to unwind and find tranquility. This practice not only helps in easing the tensions of the day but also provides a moment of mindfulness, setting the stage for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Choose the Best Morning Exercise for Kids to Enjoy

Discover the incredible world of morning exercises that can transform your child’s routine. From invigorating animal races to creating safe parkour courses, there’s an array of activities that not only encourage physical movement but also foster mental and emotional growth. Embrace the benefits of bonding through morning walks, ignite competition with time trials, and cultivate a sense of calm through yoga. Take this chance to embark on a journey of shared experiences, enhanced focus, and overall well-being. It’s time to seize the opportunity and make exercise a joyful part of your child’s daily life!

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