Delightful Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Food to Prepare for Your Little Ones


Thanksgiving dinner is like the best meal of the year, but making the little ones happy with food can be hard. If you make a bunch of kid-friendly thanksgiving food that they’ll love, even the pickiest eaters will want more.

So, try different combinations of the foods listed below to fit your budget and plans. Thanksgiving dinner usually has lots of fat and calories, but you can make it better by using low-fat stuff in the recipes.

Let the joy of Thanksgiving be amplified as we cater to the diverse palates and dietary preferences of all our guests, young and old alike. Together, we’ll create a unique and memorable Thanksgiving experience that embraces tradition, embraces health, and above all, embraces the spirit of togetherness and appreciation.

Thanksgiving Foods for Kids to Enjoy

Below are popular food options and ideas you can prepare for your kids, from appetizers to beverages!


  • Vegetable tray with dip: Children enjoy crunchy vegetables when they dip them in hummus or low-fat ranch dressing. You can buy ready-made veggie trays or create your own with carrots, celery, cucumbers, sweet peppers, broccoli florets, and grape tomatoes.
  • Mini corn-dog muffins: Children really enjoy corn dogs, so making mini corn muffins with a piece of hot dog inside is delicious, looks nice, and is a perfect way to start a meal. Just get a box mix, follow the instructions, and pour the batter into individual cupcake wrappers. Then, place a small piece of hot dog in the middle of each muffin and bake as the box tells you to. It’s that simple!
  • Snack mix: Snack mixes are super popular in grocery stores for a good reason – kids just can’t get enough of them! You can make a yummy ranch cereal mix at home with Chex cereal, mixed nuts, pretzels, and some tasty spices. To control the amount, serve them in separate bags for each person. It’s a simple and delightful treat that kids will adore!

Main Dishes

  • Turkey nuggets: Kids really enjoy finger foods, especially those breaded nuggets. You can try making turkey nuggets with a crispy cornflake coating that you bake in the oven. It’s a delicious and simple treat that kids will absolutely love!
  • Ham: If kids aren’t fans of turkey, they might really like ham. To make it even more appealing to them, try baking the ham with a sweet glaze. It’s a simple way to make ham even more kid-friendly and delicious!
  • Cornish hens: Instead of a big holiday bird, why not try making Cornish hens as a main Thanksgiving food for kids? These little birds resemble small turkeys, and it’s fun for kids to have their very own individual main dish. It’s a unique and delightful way to make the meal special for them!


  • Mashed potatoes: One of the most popular kid friendly thanksgiving sides is mashed potatoes. The best part is you can make them even more tempting by adding shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream; but remember, keep the chives on the side. It’s a simple way to make mashed potatoes extra yummy for the little ones!
  • Macaroni and cheese: Macaroni and cheese isn’t a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but kids love it no matter the time of year. It’s a tasty side dish that kids enjoy during any special event or celebration. It’s a simple addition that always brings smiles to their faces!
  • Broccoli cheese casserole: Kids absolutely love anything with cheese, and that includes broccoli too! To make it super kid-friendly, skip the mushrooms and add an extra sprinkle of cheese on top. Now, let’s talk about desserts!


  • Caramel apples: Juicy apples coated in delicious buttery caramel will attract kids of all ages to your dessert table. And you know what makes it even more fun for them? Eating food on a stick! It’s a simple and delightful way to make desserts extra enjoyable for the little ones!
  • Pumpkin roll: Imagine a delightful pumpkin roll with a yummy cream cheese filling wrapped inside a spiced pumpkin sponge cake. It’s not only delicious but also so much fun for kids to eat! A simple treat that will surely bring smiles to their faces!
  • Pies: Nearly all kids adore pie, especially when it has toppings like whipped cream, Cool Whip, or ice cream. To make sure there’s a pie for everyone’s liking, offer a variety of Thanksgiving classics like apple or pumpkin. You can also consider making a yummy chocolate cream pie – after all, most kids love chocolate!


  • Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate is like a warm and sweet hug that brings cozy memories for kids. To make it even more appealing to them, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon, some chocolate shavings, mini chocolate chips, or a dollop of whipped cream on top.
  • Cranberry-citrus punch: On special occasions, kids love feeling just as important as the adults. One way to do this is by giving them their very own punch. You can make it using frozen cranberry juice concentrate, lemon-lime soda, and fresh orange juice. Just mix all these yummy ingredients in a large pitcher until it tastes just right for everyone.
  • Apple cider: Apple cider, whether served cold or warmed up, reminds kids of apple juice – another favorite drink among children.

Curate Your Kid-Friendly Menu this Thanksgiving with the Food Choices Above

As we prepare for this joyous Thanksgiving celebration, let’s remember that children hold a special place in our hearts. By crafting a delightful array of kid-friendly Thanksgiving food options, we can ensure that the youngest members of our gathering feel just as cherished and included as the adults. From appetizers to main dishes, sides to desserts, and even refreshing drinks, there are numerous ways to captivate their taste buds and create lasting memories.

So as we witness the little ones savoring every bite, let’s cherish the magic of this unique Thanksgiving experience, where tradition intertwines with innovation and health-conscious choices. Let our gathering be filled with gratitude, love, and laughter as we revel in the simplicity of sharing this special occasion with young hearts brimming with wonder.

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