Are Murphy beds comfortable and worth it?


As individuals seek solutions to optimize space within their homes, Murphy beds, also recognized as wall beds, are gaining popularity. Ideal for rooms where a genuine bed is preferred over a sofa sleeper, Murphy beds offer a practical solution for those unable to allocate excessive space solely for a bed. One question that many people have is whether Murphy beds are actually comfortable or just a myth. The response is a big yes; Murphy beds can indeed offer comfort akin to traditional beds, contingent upon the mattress selection.

However, the efficacy of purchasing a quality Murphy bed can be undermined if paired with an uncomfortable mattress. Various factors contribute to ensuring the comfort of a Murphy bed. That said, let’s explore these essential elements and guide you in selecting the most suitable option for your needs.

Size of the Mattress

When selecting a comfortable Murphy bed, the initial consideration should revolve around mattress size compatibility. Not all Murphy beds accommodate standard-sized mattresses, which may restrict your choices. It’s advisable to verify that the Murphy bed is designed for a standard mattress size while shopping because it will affect how comfortable Murphy beds are going to be based on your personal preferences.

Furthermore, a common issue with many Murphy beds is their inability to accommodate sufficiently thick mattresses for adequate support. Some models may only accommodate pads of 6″ or 8″, while the majority can accommodate a simple 10″ mattress. But there are Murphy beds designed to fit mattresses up to 12″ thick, ensuring ample space for a supportive and comfortable mattress. Although some Murphy beds boasting a slat system for support may be available for smaller mattresses, in reality, nothing can provide support as effectively as a thicker mattress.

Some Considerations to Think About

Another crucial aspect to consider regarding Murphy bed comfort is the inability of most mattresses to be stored vertically. Using an inappropriate mattress, regardless of its quality, can lead to slumping and sagging when the Murphy bed is closed. This phenomenon occurs when the inner components of the mattress shift towards the head of the bed and compress together, resulting in permanent damage and a suboptimal sleeping surface.

To address this issue, some retailers offer a range of mattresses specifically tailored for Murphy beds. Some of these mattresses are derived from premium brands, and have been modified to meet the unique requirements of Murphy beds. They eschew pocketed coils, latex, and certain standard mattress construction methods that are ill-suited for use in Murphy beds. Instead, they incorporate materials capable of withstanding the demands of a wall bed, with their various layers firmly bound together. The outcome is a mattress that delivers comfort, support, and durability.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Selecting the ideal mattress for your Murphy bed entails considering various factors to ensure optimum comfort and suitability. First and foremost, contemplate the purpose of your Murphy bed—is it primarily for accommodating guests or will it serve as your regular sleeping spot? It’s common for Murphy beds to be designated for guest rooms, but they can also function as nightly beds. Additionally, if it’s intended for guests, ponder whether it will cater to adults or children, and whether you might occasionally sleep on it yourself.

Next, assess your personal sleeping preferences. Determine whether you lean towards a soft or firm mattress. Our array of mattresses encompasses firm, medium, soft, and pillowtop options, catering to diverse preferences. Moreover, if you frequently host guests with specific mattress requirements, our selection includes innerspring and foam core mattresses, ensuring we have an option to suit every need.

Finally, factor in your budgetary constraints. While high-end mattresses may offer superior comfort and support, they might not be financially feasible for everyone. But you can easily find a range of mattresses spanning different price points, enabling you to discover the ideal match that aligns with both your requirements and budgetary considerations.

The Sturdiness of the Bed Matters

One crucial aspect contributing to the comfort of a Murphy bed is the platform it rests on. It’s essential to ensure that the platform is sturdy enough to adequately support both you and your mattress. Certain Murphy beds are constructed with inexpensive mechanisms and materials that lack the capacity to bear substantial weight, resulting in significant flexion in the mattress deck. Consequently, when you lie down on the mattress, the bed support bends and yields, leading to discomfort.

Overall, a Murphy bed can be comfortable, akin to traditional beds, but the key to comfort lies in the mattress. Fortunately, there’s a variety of Murphy beds capable of accommodating mattresses up to 12 inches thick, along with a collection of mattresses explicitly crafted for Murphy bed use. By opting for the appropriate mattress, you can relish a tranquil and comfortable night’s sleep on your Murphy bed. Crafted with premium materials and mechanisms, our Murphy beds guarantee enduring comfort that will withstand the test of time!

Achieve Comfortable Sleep with Murphy Beds

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and practicality with Murphy beds. Ensure a restful night’s sleep by selecting the right mattress size and type, tailored to your preferences and budget. With sturdy construction and premium materials, Murphy beds offer enduring comfort and space-saving solutions for your home. Embrace convenience without compromising on comfort; explore the possibilities today.

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