Picking Glasses Frames: Tips for Skin and Eye Colors

Trying to decide which glasses frame color is right for you? Not sure if you should go with something neutral or a bold pop of color? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Check out our simple guide to choosing the perfect color of glasses that matches your style and features. You’ll be looking great in no time!

Considerations When Choosing the Color of Your Glasses

While your face shape helps you pick the best frame shape, choosing the right glasses color depends on your own coloring.

Focus on your eye color, hair color, and skin tone for this!

You have two options:

  • Choose a color that blends well with your natural eye coloring.
  • Pick a contrasting color to make your features pop.

Understanding basic color theory can also help you decide.

Color of Your Eyes

People say eyes reveal a lot about a person, and that’s especially true for picking a frame color!

To find the best shades for you, look closely at your eye color. Decide if you want frames that blend in or stand out.

For a subtle look, choose neutral tones or colors similar to your eye color. For a bold look, pick a contrasting color that complements your eyes. Here are some popular combinations to try:

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes, with their mix of brown, green, and gold, are like chameleons, changing colors with your clothes or the time of day. If you have hazel eyes, you can pick a frame color that highlights a specific shade in your irises.

For instance, amber or honey frames enhance the gold flecks, while moss or emerald frames make your eyes look greener. Alternatively, you can choose a contrasting color, like dusty pink or berry, to make your hazel eyes stand out.

hazel eyes closeup

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common and versatile, allowing for plenty of creative choices. If you prefer neutral colors, black frames are always classic. Warm browns like sepia and brandy highlight the natural earthy tones of brown eyes beautifully.

Tortoiseshell frames add depth to your eye color. For those who like to experiment, try olive or lavender frames for a striking and flattering contrast with brown eyes.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are unique and often look best with warm earth tones that highlight their verdant hue. Colors like brown, caramel, and tortoiseshell patterns are always flattering. Golden metallic frames can make green eyes sparkle brilliantly. For a striking contrast that turns heads, try dusty pink, lilac, or opalescent frames.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes look stunning with frames in similar shades. For a minimalist style, choose a slate gray frame. To enhance your blue eyes, go with cobalt or bright blue. If you like neutral colors, tortoise or brown frames offer a nice contrast. Classic black frames subtly highlight blue eyes, while warm tones like reds and oranges make them appear even bluer.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are among the rarest, with a unique pale hue that stands out with deep colors like black, midnight blue, plum, or burgundy. Since gray eyes have a cool tone, frames in gray, silver, or blue can make them shine brilliantly. For a head-turning look, try dusty pink frames for a subtle yet flattering accent to this special eye color.


Color of Your Hair

Matching your frames to your hair color is a great way to enhance your look. You can either choose frames in a similar shade for a subtle touch or pick a bold, contrasting color to highlight your unique style.

Since hair comes in many shades and tones, here are some tips for choosing frames based on your hair color:

Black Hair

If your hair is brown-black, warm shades like rich browns and earth tones might suit you best. If your hair is blue-black, you might prefer cool tones like greens and violets. For a minimalist look, classic black or tortoiseshell frames are always a sleek and sophisticated choice.

Brown Hair

If you have golden or auburn brown hair, pick warm colors like reds, browns, and tortoiseshell patterns for your frames. Earthy tones like green and gold also look great with warm brown hair. If your brown hair has ashy undertones, choose cooler browns and beiges to match your natural color. Plus, pinks and blues can add a fun splash of color for brunettes.

Blonde Hair

If you have warm blonde hair with honey or bronze undertones (like golden or dirty blondes), try pink, peach, and amber frames. These colors will match your unique hair tone. But if you’re a strawberry, platinum, or ash blonde with cooler undertones, go for blues, purples, and cool pinks to match your hair’s icy hue. Check out our detailed guide on glasses for blonde hair for more tips!

Gray Hair

People with this hair color often choose bright jewel tones and vibrant colors to add some pop to their appearance. If you have salt-and-pepper or white hair, you might prefer cool colors. Meanwhile, those with gray hair often lean towards warm shades. If you want something neutral, black, gray, or white frames are reliable options. Just be cautious with beige or brown frames, as they might clash with your natural coloring and make your look dull.

Skin tone

Everyone’s complexion is special, and your skin tone and undertone help determine which colors suit you best.

There are 6 main types of complexions:

Light skin with cool undertones

People with this complexion often have blue undertones and a pinkish tint to their skin. Light pastels and cool neutrals like baby pink, blue, and cool beige are great choices. Avoid yellow and green tones, as they might clash.

Light skin with warm undertones

If your skin is fair with peachy tones and hints of green and yellow, you have a light, warm undertone. Deep browns, tortoiseshell frames, and vibrant colors like reds and corals work well. Steer clear of blues, as they can wash out your complexion.

Medium skin with cool undertones

This complexion has a medium tone with pink and blue undertones. Jewel tones like blue, purple, and burgundy are stunning. Black and gunmetal frames are also good choices. Avoid warm hues and very muted shades.

Medium skin with warm undertones

For this group, earthy colors and warm browns blend nicely with the medium skin tone and green/yellow undertones. Ambers, browns, tortoiseshell patterns, and even olive or metallic gold frames work. Cooler jewel tones might clash.

Deep skin with cool undertones

If your skin is dark with cool blue undertones, go for shades like blue and gunmetal. Smokey purples and black frames will also complement your skin tone.

Deep skin with warm undertones

Those with deep complexions and yellow undertones can rock darker browns, cognacs, and ambers. Rich golds and greens also look great.


Know What Color Glasses You Should Get with Our Guide

Whether it’s matching your eye color, hair tone, or complexion, our simple guide has you covered. From warm hues for brown eyes to cool tones for gray hair, find your ideal match effortlessly. Embrace your individuality and elevate your style with frames that complement your natural beauty. With these tips, you’ll be turning heads and feeling confident in no time. Explore the possibilities and find your perfect pair today!

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