Can Japanese futons relieve your back pain?


Consider various factors when determining your desired level of comfort, with your current sleeping surface being a crucial aspect. Your body adapts to the specific features of your existing mattress over time, so transitioning to a new futon may require a short adjustment period, akin to adapting to a different sleeping environment like a hotel room. In Japan, where space has historically been limited, the concept of the Japanese futon originated as a practical solution for households with a single multipurpose room, serving functions such as eating, sleeping, working, and living. Furthermore, these futons are also good for your back.

What are Japanese futons?

The origins of the Japanese futon, referred to as shikifuton or shikibuton, trace back to a rich history driven by the imperative to maximize space and functionality. Diverging from its Western counterparts, the shikifuton stands as more than a budget-friendly alternative to traditional beds; it embodies a comprehensive sleep system meticulously crafted for optimal comfort and support.

For those accustomed to the plushness of American futons or mattress toppers, typically measuring 6–12 inches in thickness, or even those who have experienced the simplicity of sleeping on a sofa or directly on the floor, the transition to a shikifuton is akin to a luxurious upgrade. However, individuals used to the softness of a pillow-top mattress might initially perceive the firmness of the shikifuton as distinct.

To pinpoint your unique requirements, it is advisable to embark on a trial period by acquiring a shikifuton and incorporating it into your sleep routine for at least a week. This time frame enables a thorough evaluation of your comfort levels, allowing you to discern whether additional support or cushioning is necessary. Should the need arise for heightened support or enhanced comfort, the inclusion of a 3-Fold Mattress in your sleep system becomes a viable consideration.

How is sleeping on a Japanese futon good for your back?

Although the notion of using a futon might spark worries about potential joint discomfort, embracing a Japanese futon can surprisingly contribute to the well-being of your back and overall health. Crafted for durability and strength, Japanese futons present a range of advantages for the body, including effective relief from back pain, such as:

  • Japanese futons give excellent back support, better than regular mattresses.
  • They stay firm and don’t sink like traditional mattresses, keeping your back well-supported.
  • With space to move and support from the floor, Japanese futons are a great choice for a healthy back.

Picking a Japanese futon has many advantages for those with back issues or those who want to avoid future back pain. When you look closely at the features of a Japanese futon, it’s clear it’s the best mattress for relieving back pain and making sure you feel great in the morning.

How can the firmness of a Japanese mattress help with back pain?

A Japanese futon is different from regular mattresses. While usual mattresses focus on being soft, Japanese futons are firm, which is good for your back.

The firmness helps you sleep better by:

  • Keeping your backs aligned naturally reduces the chance of back issues.
  • Offering both comfort and support, contrary to the belief that firm means uncomfortable.
  • Making it easy to move during the night, preventing sleep disruptions.

The benefits of Japanese futons make sleeping on them good for your back. Many doctors recommend them for back problems, but anyone can enjoy the support and comfort they provide.

The Best Japanese Futon Brands for Back Pain

The shikibuton is a thin mattress for daily sleeping, and despite its slim look, it’s surprisingly comfy. That said, below are the top five Japanese futon mattresses you can try:

EMOOR Japanese Futon

We consider EMOOR’s timeless shikibuton to be an exceptionally genuine choice in the market. Crafted by skilled artisans in Japan, it boasts a unique sandwich design. With a sturdy polyester pad at the core and soft fiberfill pads around it, the mattress molds to your body shape while maintaining proper spinal alignment. As a bonus, the polyester pad resists sagging and promises durability, provided you follow the care instructions.

Organic Shiki Futon Mattress

The standout feature of the Organic Shiki Futon Mattress from Natural Home is its natural makeup. With organic cotton used for both the cover and filling, it’s not just completely safe for sensitive individuals but also highly breathable and simple to clean. Despite being on the floor, the mattress is less prone to allergen buildup.

FULI Japanese Futon

The FULI stands proud with its unique design, lasting strength, and excellent support. With a three-layer build, it expands to about 2.5 inches in thickness, offering ample cushioning from the floor. Conveniently, you can roll it up during the day and effortlessly store it when not in use.

Natural Wool & Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

If you’re in search of a Japanese futon that ensures year-round comfort, the Natural Wool & Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress is a top contender. Another creation from Natural Home, this model incorporates natural wool to provide a temperature-neutral sleeping experience regardless of the weather. Wool’s inherent breathability and moisture-wicking qualities make this mattress suitable for staying cool in warmer weather and retaining body heat for warmth when it’s colder.

MAXYOYO Japanese Floor Mattress

Claiming the title of the top budget-friendly futon mattress, the MAXYOYO stands out with its compelling price tag—priced under $150 for a queen size, even before promotions or discounts. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t compromise on the support and cushioning required for comfortable floor use. Constructed with high-density foam and polyester comfort layers, it ensures essential back support.

Explore the Support Japanese Futons do for Your Back

Discover the unique benefits of Japanese futon mattresses for your back health and overall well-being. Explore a range of options, from natural compositions to budget-friendly choices, ensuring comfort and support. Take the first step towards a healthier sleep routine and enhanced back support by considering the advantages of Japanese futons. Your journey to a more restful and comfortable sleep starts here!

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