8 Online Background Check Sites for Dating


Approximately 75 percent of connections between individuals are formed online without any pre-existing offline relationship. Given the thrill associated with online dating, it is advisable to conduct background checks before meeting someone face-to-face. While Google is a commonly used information source, its data retrieval is not as comprehensive or rapid as that of specialized online background check companies. To aid in your safety, we’ve curated a list of the best background check sites for dating, allowing you to select the one that best guarantees your security.


TruthFinder offers extensive background check features for dating and stands out for its deep web searches, going beyond what Google can find. Before your first date, you might uncover more details with TruthFinder than with other services.

In simpler terms, TruthFinder lets you do online dating background checks, look up criminal records, and search social media. It offers a lot of information, like someone’s possible aliases, financial issues like bankruptcies or tax problems, and more. The site is easy to use, making it a smooth experience when searching someone’s background.

TruthFinder is really in tune with the dating scene. It gives you detailed public records and checks social media thoroughly. The platform is straightforward to use, delivers reliable results quickly, and includes extra features like searching the darker corners of the internet, making your dating experience safer.


CheckPeople simplifies your search by providing comprehensive background checks in a single, easy-to-read report. You can unearth much more information than a basic Google search, thanks to their deep web searches. You get access to a vast array of public records, including court documents, marriage certificates, arrest records, and more, with CheckPeople. It can even find old websites, blog posts, and social media profiles. If you ever struggle with the website, there’s 24/7 customer service to help you out. Choose CheckPeople for its unlimited monthly searches, which makes verifying multiple profiles easy, leading to safer dating decisions. Their background reports include important relationship histories like marriages and divorces, helping you make more informed choices about potential romantic partners.

Instant Checkmate

When you’re planning to grab coffee with someone and want to know a bit more about them without going too deep, Instant Checkmate is your go-to. You can do unlimited searches and choose between a standard or premium report based on how much information you want.

A standard report covers things like address history, related persons, arrest records, and social media accounts. If you go for the premium report, you’ll get even more details, like civil judgments, corporate affiliations, watercraft ownership, tax liens, and even if the person owns an aircraft.

Instant Checkmate also helps you find federal inmates and check sex offender databases. Don’t forget to explore their “crimewire” blog for tips on staying safe online and offline.

iD True

Using ID True, you can discover a lot about someone, including their current and past addresses, criminal and arrest history, sex offender status, details about relatives and business associates, social media profiles, and more.

ID True also offers a range of blog posts with useful tips on topics like catching a cheater using a web search and ways to keep your neighborhood safe.

This service searches through millions of public records, but what’s great is that it delivers results quickly. This makes it really useful for a quick check on someone new you’ve met through a friend.


Intelius acts like a helpful partner in your dating journey, giving you important details about those you’re interested in. On this site, you can do a people search, a reverse phone lookup, a criminal records search, a background check, a public records search, and a reverse address lookup.

These various reports are really handy when you’re just starting to date someone online. They let you dig up a lot of information about a person, even if you only know a little about them.

Intelius has several pricing options. You can start with a $0.95 trial for six days, which lets you access unlimited reports. There are also monthly and bi-monthly membership plans.

A bonus feature of Intelius is its mobile app for both iOS and Android. This app allows you to do people searches wherever you are. It also enables you to look up addresses and see a map highlighting where registered sex offenders and criminals live in that area.


BeenVerified, a people search tool featured on MTV’s “Catfish: The TV Show,” takes a few minutes for an initial search. When you try to leave their site or hit the back button, you’ll see better offers for their service. Initially, they offer 25% off the monthly fee, but if you try to leave again, you get a $1 trial for a week.

In this seven-day trial, you can run up to 100 reports. Remember, after the trial, unless you cancel, you’ll be charged $26.89 monthly plus tax.

Their background reports can provide information like age, current location, relatives, phone numbers, emails, and criminal records. They may also include photos and social media links, making BeenVerified a good option for checking out someone you’re considering dating.


Persopo offers background and criminal background checks, searching through databases across all 50 states in the U.S., including federal databases and registries. Before you pay, you can do a free search to see if there’s any data available on a person.

Using Persopo is straightforward, but be prepared to wait about two minutes for a search animation to complete when you perform a search.

For safer dating, Persopo’s criminal background checks are useful, especially for checking someone’s history for any sexual offenses. This service is particularly effective at finding people by their name and hometown.

With plans starting at $9.93 per month for unlimited searches, Persopo offers one-month, three-month, or six-month membership options.


SearchQuarry, a U.S. records search service, provides data from publicly accessible sources, covering civil and criminal records, court details, and incarceration information.

What sets SearchQuarry apart is its inclusion of driving records, bankruptcy history, and lien records. With a membership, you can also search for license plate numbers or vehicle identification numbers (VINs), and it even covers social media interactions.

For a quick look, SearchQuarry offers a week-long trial for $5.05. Alternatively, you can get a single report for $14.95. For extensive searches, there’s an option for unlimited report access at $35.40 for a full year.

Check Your Date’s Background with Top Background Check Site for Dating

Ready to dive into the world of online dating with confidence and security? Empower yourself with the knowledge you need for safer dating decisions. Take advantage of these top-notch background check services to uncover crucial information about potential dates. From checking criminal histories to verifying personal details, ensure your safety and peace of mind. Start exploring these services today, and step into your dating adventures informed and prepared!

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