How to Look Great While Wearing Glasses: 8 Simple Tips


No matter if you’re rocking shades or reading glasses, your frames can always add flair to your look. We’ve got some tips to help you rock your glasses stylishly. Learn how to make your accessories and makeup pop with your frames. Plus, we’ll share some tricks to keep your eyewear looking sharp and complementing your style. Read on to learn how to look good with glasses!

How to Look Cute with Glasses

Below is a curated list of ways you can look pretty and feel confident with glasses:

Identify Your Face Shape

When you’re picking out glasses, it’s not just about matching your face shape, but about complementing it. The style of glasses you choose can really change up your look.

For instance:

  • If your face is round or oval, go for square or rectangular frames to add some angles and balance.
  • For heart-shaped or square faces, try round frames or oval glasses to soften things up a bit.
  • If your face is more diamond-shaped, cat-eye frames can widen your forehead and highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

It’s also super important to get the right size. Glasses that are too small might feel tight and look squished, while ones that are too big can overwhelm your face. Check the size guide from the store you’re buying from to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Face Shape


Choose Flattering Colors and Patterns for Your Frames

Picking the right color for your glasses frames is key for looking your best. It’s all about finding shades that match your skin, hair, and eye colors. For cool skin tones, blues, grays, pinks, and purples work well, while warm tones are flattered by browns, golds, and greens. You can also choose frames that match or complement your eye color, like blue frames for blue eyes or gold for green.

If you’re feeling bold, tortoiseshell is a versatile option. Your frame color can also reflect your personality, with bright colors for outgoing folks and subtle hues for those who like to keep it low-key.

Consider Trendy Frame Shapes

Pick frames that suit you, and you’ll have stylish glasses to match every outfit. Oversized frames are trendy but bold. Clear glasses are fashionable for men, and half-frames are cool and comfy. Add a splash of color for a unique touch. Round and square frames work well for men’s sunglasses, but oversized ones are eye-catching too. Athletic styles offer a sleek look. Women can rock color blocks and iridescent frames, and oversized and angular shapes are timeless. Go for bold colors or gradient lenses to make your glasses stand out even more.

Trendy Frame Shapes


Apply Some Makeup

Remember, what’s under your glasses gets a close-up view through the lenses, so it’s important to start with a fresh face. If you’re tired, a bit of concealer can brighten your eyes, even if you skip other makeup. A swipe of lipstick can add a pop of color, especially if your frames are more neutral. Avoid bold lip colors if your frames are already vibrant. Stick to softer eyeliner shades to avoid a harsh look, and go easy on the application.

Neutral eyeshadows work well to enhance your eyes without overwhelming your frames, while dramatic makeup might make your eyes appear smaller. Curl your lashes away from your glasses to prevent smudges, and apply blush after putting on your glasses to ensure it doesn’t get hidden. If you need a closer look to apply makeup, try using a magnifying mirror.

Experiment with Your Hairstyle

If you want to style glasses, you must also learn how to style your hair. When you’re heading to the hair salon, bring your glasses along to make sure your new hairstyle matches them well. Try to match the size of your hair with the size of your frames for a balanced look. If you have voluminous hair, bigger frames might suit you, while shorter haircuts, especially blunt ones, often pair nicely with smaller frames.

Hairstyle and glasses
Image Source: Easy Hairstyles for People with Glasses


Choose Simple Accessories

When you’re thinking about looking good with glasses, don’t let your jewelry steal the show from your frames. Opt for smaller, delicate earrings and accessories like hair clips, and make sure their colors match your glasses. The same goes for hats, unless you want to cover up your face entirely.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Here’s a weird but important tip: dirty glasses can really mess up your style. Smudges make it hard to see and don’t look good. Get a cleaning kit or just a microfiber cloth and learn to clean your glasses right. It’ll help you see better and keep you looking sharp.

Add a Snap-On Frame

Wouldn’t it be awesome to pick a new style of glasses every day, matching your vibe, outfit, and plans? It might seem like a big ask, but it’s possible! While good glasses can be pricey, there are ways to work around the cost. You just need one set of base frames, which will hold your prescription if you need it. Then, you can have fun choosing different top frames to change up your style whenever you want. Go for a serious look one day, and a playful one the next. You can even switch between them as your day goes on.

Snap-On Frame Glasses
Image Source: Zenni Optical Unboxing & Review


Rock Those Glasses and Look Good with Our Tips

Ready to rock your glasses with confidence and style? Take these tips and make them your own! Identify your face shape, choose flattering colors, and experiment with trendy frame shapes. Don’t forget to apply some makeup to enhance your eyes, and match your hairstyle and accessories to your frames. Keep your glasses clean for a sharp look, and consider adding a snap-on frame for extra versatility. With these simple steps, you’ll be looking cute and feeling fabulous in your glasses every day!

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