Top 6 Cat Food Brands for Diabetic Cats


The best cat food for diabetic cats is a low-carb diet that regulates blood sugar levels while providing essential nutrients for your cat’s well-being. This type of diet not only aids in weight management, crucial for diabetes prevention, but also often reduces insulin requirements in diabetic cats, with some even achieving remission. It is advisable to transition to a healthier diet before diabetes symptoms emerge to prevent pancreatic exhaustion and the need for lifelong insulin therapy.

What is feline diabetes?

Feline diabetes is a disturbance in hormonal regulation affecting the processing of glucose and appears in two main variants: type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune rarity among cats, disrupts insulin production. Conversely, the majority of diabetic cats display the metabolic characteristics of type 2 diabetes, also termed idiopathic hyperglycemia, involving a blend of insulin resistance and reduced pancreatic insulin output. While daily insulin injections are often necessary, effective management hinges on dietary adjustments. This underscores the significance of tailored nutritional strategies in addressing the complexities of feline diabetes.

The Best Cat Food Brands for Diabetic Cats

While this guide offers insights from veterinarians, it is essential to consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice tailored to your cat’s specific needs, as this information is not a substitute for professional veterinary guidance.

Tiki Cat Hookena Luau Cat Food

Tiki Cat is the best diabetic cat food, which focuses on meat as its main ingredient and contains less than 2% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. It avoids starches while providing the necessary protein for your cat. It’s a wet food with a high moisture content, which is beneficial for keeping your diabetic cat well-hydrated.

In terms of flavor and texture, the food combines flaked tuna and chicken, creating a taste and consistency that appeal to most cats. With 30 calories per ounce, it maintains a moderate calorie level. Adhering to the recommended feeding guidelines should help prevent any weight gain.

One potential drawback of this formula is its reliance on plant-based fats, although it does include tuna fish oil, which is a good animal-derived source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Open Farm Harvest Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Open Farm’s freeze-dried cat food stands out as a superior choice, boasting 100% identifiable ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably obtained. Its high levels of proteins and fats derived from animals make it an ideal match for a cat’s natural diet. Particularly noteworthy is its low carbohydrate content, just above 3% on a dry matter basis, which is especially beneficial for cats with diabetes.

This food’s recipe centers around chicken, inclusive of ground bone and chicken organs, offering a focused, single-protein formulation. Incorporated for its animal-derived omega-3 fatty acids, salmon oil serves as a valuable source in the formulation.

Similar to our previous recommendation, this product is quite low in moisture. To aid in your cat’s hydration, it is recommended to moisten the food with water or broth before serving. For cats new to freeze-dried food, heating the liquid slightly before soaking can enhance the food’s appeal.

Young Again ZERO Cat & Kitten Formula Dry Food

The best dry cat food for diabetic cats, Young Again, is an exceptional choice. Discovering dry cat food with less than 25% carbohydrates is uncommon, and finding one with less than 5% carbohydrate on a dry matter basis is even rarer. Young Again cat food is intentionally crafted as a low-carb option, gaining popularity especially among diabetic felines.

This specific blend highlights hydrolyzed pork as its primary protein, complemented by chicken meal and herring meal. The predominant added fat is derived from chicken fat, while the inclusion of fish oil enhances the omega-3 fatty acid content in the formula.

Consider that this particular cat food boasts a high calorie density, meaning you won’t need to provide your cat with as much compared to other dry foods. Additionally, being low in moisture as a dry food, it’s important to ensure your cat receives sufficient hydration from other sources in their diet.

Raised Right Original Turkey Adult Cat Recipe

This cat food formula, primarily made from fresh turkey thigh, turkey heart, and turkey liver, offers a high protein content, exceeding 60% on a dry matter basis. With its carbohydrate levels slightly above 6% dry matter, it is a suitable option for cats with diabetes.

Not only is this food protein-rich, but it also has a high moisture content for hydration. It includes cod liver oil, a source of animal-derived omega-3 fatty acids, and flaxseed oil, contributing to its fat profile. With a calorie content of 44 calories per ounce, it stands out as notably rich in calories and devoid of any artificial additives.

However, a limitation of Raised Right cat food is the packaging options, which are available only in four or sixteen 1-pound bags. Additionally, some cats might not be fond of its taste or texture.

RAWZ 96% Turkey and Turkey Liver Pate Canned Cat Food

While it’s common for diabetic cats to be overweight or obese, some may lose weight if their diabetes is undiagnosed or not properly managed. For these cats, the ideal diet should have a low carbohydrate level paired with ample amounts of quality protein and fats from animal sources.

This particular recipe, although slightly higher in carbohydrates than others mentioned, still maintains a level below 10%. It’s a formula rich in protein, utilizing a single animal protein source, and is also moisture-rich to aid in hydration.

Providing approximately 37 calories per ounce, this diet stands out for its higher calorie density when compared to the alternative options we’ve covered. This quality positions it as an excellent selection for cats aiming to put on weight.

Caru Classic Turkey Stew Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Switching your cat to a healthier, low-carb diet is futile if they refuse to eat it. Cats who enjoy gravy might find this turkey stew appealing.

Although typical of many gravy-based cat foods, this recipe includes a bit of added starch. Yet, its dry matter carbohydrate content remains impressively low, under 3%. It’s also protein-rich, boasting over 60% dry matter protein, and the high moisture level of the stew aligns well with a cat’s dietary needs.

This stew is crafted using human-grade ingredients and avoids thickening agents like carrageenan or gums. Crafted in limited quantities within the United States, this product is packaged in a resealable cardboard carton, providing an alternative to conventional aluminum cans.

Choose the Best Cat Food for Diabetes Management in Cats

Choosing the right food and cat treats for diabetic cats is crucial for their health and well-being. Embrace a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in quality proteins and fats to manage their condition effectively. Don’t wait until it’s too late; consult your veterinarian and make a dietary change today to ensure your cat lives a happier, healthier life. With the right food, you can control their diabetes and possibly even see a reduction in insulin dependence. Act now for your feline friend’s sake; their health depends on it!

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