Renovation Ideas to Maximize Small Houses and Spaces


The tiny home trend has gained popularity for vacation or permanent living, particularly among adventurous minimalists. In many rural neighborhoods, small homes and condos are a common lifestyle choice. First-time homebuyers often see small homes as a sound initial investment, and certain timeless design styles like craftsman bungalows, cottages, cabins, ranch, and prairie-style homes hold unique appeal. Despite limited space, various tricks and techniques can make a small home feel more spacious. This includes interior design elements such as hanging curtains higher and maintaining consistent color schemes across rooms. In this context, the focus is on providing remodeling, interior design, and architectural tips for renovations and projects designed for small houses.

Top Picks for Small Home Remodel Ideas

Discover innovative design concepts to optimize your compact living arrangements, ranging from ingenious storage solutions to effective room dividers. Unlock the potential of your limited space with these unique small house remodel ideas.

Lower Your Furniture

One of the first things you have to consider once you remodel small spaces is to get lower furniture. Whether your ceiling reaches for the sky or sits lower, strategically opting for lower furniture in your living room can cleverly enhance the perception of spaciousness. The choice of lower-profile furnishings creates an open and airy ambiance, effectively combating any feelings of confinement.

To amplify this effect even further, consider incorporating high shelves or tall plants. These vertical elements not only draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height, but they also introduce a dynamic visual contrast that adds depth and interest to the room. By carefully balancing lower furniture with vertical accents, you not only optimize space but also craft a captivating and well-proportioned living environment.

Opt for a Storage Rail in Your Kitchen

If your petite kitchen is grappling with limited cabinet space, unlock the potential of your backsplash by incorporating a versatile storage rail. This innovative solution goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering practical functionality. Utilize hooks and accessories to cleverly hang cookware, oven mitts, and an array of kitchen essentials, transforming your backsplash into a dynamic and space-saving storage hub. With this DIY approach, not only do you address the challenge of restricted cabinet space, but you also infuse your kitchen with a personalized and efficient storage solution tailored to your specific needs.

storage rail for kitchen
Image Source: Emily Henderson


Cozy Loft

If your home has lots of room going up, think about adding a loft – it’s like a second floor, but not a whole floor. Look at this idea: you can make a comfy sleeping spot up there, and underneath, create a cute space for eating. This way, you’re using the tall space in your home in a smart way. It’s not just an extra level; it’s a cozy sleeping area above and a charming dining nook below, making your place feel bigger and more interesting.

Cozy Loft
Image Source: Modern Tiny Living


Empty Space Under the Sink

Make your little bathroom seem bigger by picking a sink that has open space underneath. Think about a floating sink or a small pedestal sink. With these choices, there’s room underneath the sink, and it makes the bathroom look more open and less crowded. It’s like a trick to give the feeling of more space even in a small bathroom.

Accessories for Decoration

Show off your awesome taste by not hiding the cool accessories you’ve collected! Put your hats, jewelry, and even your bicycle on display as decorations all around your small space. This way, you solve the storage issue and make your home look super well-put-together with a curated style that’s uniquely yours. It’s like turning your favorite things into part of the decor, making your space feel personal and stylish at the same time.

Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny

Older houses and apartments usually have interesting and quirky architectural features. You can use a bit of creativity to turn these unique corners into your favorite spots. Transform them into a comfy reading nook, a small office, or add shelves for storage. With some imagination, these nooks and crannies become functional and special parts of your home, adding character and making the most out of the space.

Stretch Gallery Wall All the Way Up

Add a cool touch to your home with gallery walls, and we’ve got a tip to make them perfect for your small space. Make your room look taller by extending your gallery walls all the way up to the ceiling. This makes people look up, creating a sense of height and giving your space a stylish and spacious vibe. It’s like turning your walls into a piece of art that goes all the way up, making your room feel bigger and more interesting.

gallery wall
Image Source: San Diego Home/Garden


Storage Everywhere

Find spots in your place that aren’t being used much and transform them into storage. Usually, putting shelves near the ceiling or above a door frame doesn’t change how the room looks, but it definitely makes the room more useful. It’s like discovering extra space you didn’t realize you had and making it handy for keeping things organized without taking up any extra room.

Multifunctional Spaces

Try to make each room in your small space do more than one thing. Take this cool office, for example; it has a clever twin-size Murphy bed tucked into the built-in furniture. This way, the room can change into a guest bedroom whenever you need it. It’s like having a super flexible space that serves different purposes, making the most out of every inch in your small home.

Try Clear Furniture

Clear furniture is like magic for small rooms. Look out for pieces made of acrylic, glass, or lucite, even though they might not be super easy to find. These transparent materials make your furniture almost invisible, creating a spacious and open feel in your small space. It’s like a secret weapon to make your room look bigger without adding any extra visual weight. Keep an eye out for these special pieces to give your small space a light and airy vibe.

Remove a Wall

If your home feels a bit cramped, consider removing a wall or two to open things up. In this cozy apartment, they made the space between the kitchen and living room more open by adding a half-wall. This connects the two areas, making one large room with distinct sections. It’s like a simple trick to make your place feel more spacious and connected. Removing barriers between rooms can make a big difference in how open and airy your home feels, creating a sense of unity while maintaining clear zones for different activities.

Remove a Wall
Image Source: Becraft Plus


Transform Your Space with Small Houses Renovations Ideas

Revitalize your small space with these unique and practical home improvement ideas! From transforming underutilized areas into storage havens to incorporating clear furniture for a spacious feel, these tips cater to various needs. Explore multifunctional spaces, loft additions, and clever gallery wall extensions to make the most out of your limited space. Don’t forget the magic of transparent materials! Now, embark on a journey to reimagine your home’s potential by implementing these creative and personalized solutions.

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