Learn All About Purple Carrot in this Comprehensive Review


Food delivery companies have many choices for meals, including ones for vegans and vegetarians. While many meal kit companies provide delicious plant-based recipes, Purple Carrot stands out as one of the few exclusively vegan meal kit services, which we’ll learn more about in this review. This means that it offers meals entirely free of meat. If you really like meat dishes, this service might not be right for you.

Trying vegetarian meals a few times a week is a good idea for a healthier diet. But switching to plant-based cooking can be tough for meat lovers. Purple Carrot helps beginners by offering healthy frozen vegan meals. Yet, some doubt if these meals will satisfy meat eaters or if they’re better suited for animals in the wild.

How does Purple Carrot work?

Purple Carrot works like other meal kit services, delivering all the ingredients and recipes needed for vegan meals at home. Unlike others, it offers only one meal plan option. Operating on a subscription basis, you’ll receive weekly meal kits, but you can cancel or pause anytime without extra fees. You can customize servings and meals based on your preferences.

For instance, if you choose three recipes with two servings each, it’s $13.25 per serving. Opting for four recipes with two servings each costs $11 per serving. The cost remains $11 per serving for plans with four servings, regardless of the number of recipes.

Each week, you’ll select from eight vegan dinner recipes for the following week’s delivery. While fewer than some meal kits, given the vegan focus, it’s still a good variety. You can also add breakfast, lunch kits, and vegan snacks to your deliveries if desired.

What are Purple Carrot meals?

Purple Carrot serves vegan meals packed with whole foods and veggies, though they might not always be low-carb or low-calorie. Their menu avoids meat, dairy, and animal products, standing out by using tofu-based proteins like tempeh and tofu, rather than plant-based meat substitutes like Impossible Beef or Beyond Meat.

Purple Carrot provides satisfying bowls with grains, nuts, and veggies, plus comforting lentil soups and hearty stews like vegan chili or West African peanut stew. They often have tasty vegan pasta dishes like lemon-infused zucchini pasta with creamy cashew sauce and artichoke hearts. They also offer plant-based tacos or sandwiches. Unlike some meal kits, Purple Carrot adds excitement to their vegetarian recipes by using inventive curries, sauces, and spices.

You can easily change your meal options on the app or website. You’re free to modify, adjust, or cancel your selections anytime you want. You can also skip a delivery week or cancel before the weekly deadline if needed.

Meal Add-ons for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Purple Carrot offers more than just dinner options. Plus, you have the option to include breakfast and lunch meal kits, along with snacks, in your delivery as well. Lunch kits serve two people and cost $9 per serving. For less than $5 per serving, breakfast kits, such as tropical coconut pancakes served with fresh fruit, are available in portions suitable for four individuals. Snack options are priced individually and offer a variety of sweet and savory choices, including mushroom jerky, vegan chocolate, and peanut butter truffles.

Are Purple Carrot meal kits easy to prepare?

Purple Carrot meal kits might require a bit more effort to prepare than others you’ve used. However, this is a chance to try cooking new foods. Cooking whole grains, for instance, may need more time and attention, so be ready to watch them as they cook. But don’t stress if you’re not a seasoned cook – you can still manage Purple Carrot recipes easily. Most of their meal kits take around 30 minutes, sometimes a little more, but rarely longer than 45 minutes.

Who should try Purple Carrot?

These meal kits are ideal whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, or simply wish to incorporate more plant-based cooking into your routine. They’re also great for learning how to cook vegan basics and trying out new ingredients like lentils, nori, and butternut squash.

Who shouldn’t try Purple Carrot?

Other than meat lovers, if you’re following specific diets like keto, paleo, or the Mediterranean diet, Purple Carrot might not be the best fit. The meal options are limited, and many of them have a lot of carbs or calories. While the meals are generally healthy, they can be pricey, although they’re not the most expensive meal kit service there is.

So, is Purple Carrot worth it?

You might find these meal kits enjoyable, even if you’re used to eating meat. Even if you lacked experience in cooking traditional vegan dishes, Purple Carrot provided a helpful introduction. As a meat eater, you might have difficulty opting for Purple Carrot meals exclusively due to the cost. However, since you have the option to skip shipments whenever you like, it’s appealing to receive ingredients for interesting vegan meals regularly.

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