How Much Data Is Consumed When You Play Online Games?

Online Gaming

Knowing how much internet games chew up is super important for making the most of your gaming fun. It changes a lot based on stuff like how fancy the graphics are and how much you’re playing with others online. Let’s dig into how much data some top games use, whether you’re playing on a computer, console, or phone.

PC/Console Games

  • Fortnite: This super famous battle royale game is a big hit, but it doesn’t gobble up too much data – just about 100MB per hour. So, you can enjoy its cool graphics and multiplayer battles without stressing over your data usage.
  • World of Warcraft: If you love exploring virtual worlds and going on adventures, you’ll enjoy World of Warcraft. Even though it’s huge, it only uses around 40MB of data per hour, which is pretty light compared to other games.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): CS:GO is all about quick reflexes and sharp shooting. With its fast-paced action and tricky maps, it uses about 250MB of data per hour, reflecting its intense gameplay.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone: Dive into epic battles and stunning visuals in Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite its impressive graphics, it only needs around 150MB of data per hour, so you can enjoy the action without worrying about data limits.
  • League of Legends: If you’re into strategic battles, League of Legends is the game for you. It uses about 40MB of data per hour, so you can enjoy its online matches without using too much data.
  • Minecraft: Get creative and build amazing worlds in Minecraft. Despite its endless possibilities, it only uses about 50MB of data per hour, making it perfect for gamers with limited data plans.
  • Apex Legends: Team up and battle it out in Apex Legends. With around 150MB of data usage per hour, you can enjoy its fast-paced action without using up all your data.
  • FIFA: Soccer fans will love FIFA’s realistic gameplay and online modes. It uses about 100MB of data per hour, so you can enjoy playing without worrying about data usage.
  • Rocket League: Experience the excitement of soccer with rocket-powered cars in Rocket League. Despite its thrilling matches, it only uses around 80MB of data per hour, so you can enjoy the game without using too much data.
  • PUBG: Join the battle in PUBG for intense combat and strategy. With approximately 100MB of data usage per hour, you can enjoy thrilling online battles without using up all your data.

Mobile Games

PC and console games are popular, but mobile games are gaining fame too. Here’s a look at how much data some popular mobile games use:

  • PUBG Mobile: This game is like the PC version but made for mobile. It uses about 100MB of data per hour, perfect for gaming on the go.
  • Fortnite Mobile: Just like the big version, Fortnite on mobile uses about 100MB of data per hour, giving you a great gaming experience on your phone or tablet.
  • Call of Duty Mobile: Call of Duty on mobile offers fast action and cool maps. It uses around 150MB of data per hour, so you can enjoy console-quality gaming anywhere.
  • Clash of Clans: Build your village and battle others in Clash of Clans. It uses only about 20-30MB of data per hour, making it easy on your data plan.
  • Among Us: This fun party game doesn’t need much data. It only uses about 5-10MB per hour, perfect for quick gaming sessions with friends.
  • Mobile Legends: Join intense battles in Mobile Legends. It uses about 50-70MB of data per hour, so you can play without using too much data.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift: Take the excitement of League of Legends on the go. It uses around 40-60MB of data per hour, letting you enjoy competitive matches without worrying about your data.


Does online gaming use more data than streaming?

When we compare how much data online gaming and streaming use, gaming usually needs less data than streaming. Streaming needs a lot of data because it constantly sends high-quality audio and video.

For example, streaming HD video on Netflix or YouTube can use up to 3GB of data every hour. On the other hand, online gaming doesn’t use as much data, even if you play for a long time. Most online games use between 40MB and 250MB of data per hour. This is much less than streaming, so gaming is a better choice if you’re worried about using too much data.

Choosing gaming instead of streaming can help you enjoy entertainment without using up all your data too quickly.

Does the amount of data your internet provides affect your gaming experience?

The data your internet plan gives you is super important for your gaming fun, especially if your plan has a data limit. When you’re gaming, having a good internet connection helps keep the game smooth, without delays, and lets you play online with no problems.

If your internet plan has a data limit and you use up all your data, your internet provider might slow down your connection or charge you more money. This can make your gaming experience worse, with more delays, longer waits, and even getting kicked out of online games.

Not having enough data can also mean you can’t play games as much or for as long as you’d like, because you have to save data to avoid extra charges or slower speeds.

To make sure your gaming is always awesome, it’s smart to pick an internet plan with enough data for how much you play. Look for plans with big data limits or ones that give you unlimited data, especially if you love gaming a lot. With the right internet plan, you can play your favorite games without any interruptions and dive deep into their virtual worlds.

What other factors contribute to the gaming experience?

Besides data usage, other factors impact your gaming experience: 

Internet Speed: Faster internet means smoother gameplay and quick reactions. A strong connection is crucial for enjoyable gaming.

Hardware: Your device’s components, like processors and graphics cards, affect how well games run. Good hardware makes for smoother, faster, and better-looking gameplay.

Server Stability: Game servers need to be stable for a good experience, reducing lag and ensuring fair play.

Network Congestion: Heavy internet use or provider issues can disrupt gaming with delays and lags. Choosing a reliable provider can help avoid these problems.

Considering these factors alongside your data usage can enhance your gaming experience.

How much internet do you need to enjoy online gaming?

The internet speed you need for online gaming depends on how much and how often you play, plus how many people are using the internet at the same time. Here’s a simple guide for different types of gamers:

  • For casual players who don’t play a lot: A speed of 3-5 Mbps should be good enough for most games. It lets you play online without many problems and should be fine for relaxed gaming.
  • For regular players who play more often: aim for speeds of 10-20 Mbps for smoother gameplay, especially if you play games with fancy graphics or lots of online players. This speed makes sure your games load quickly and you don’t have to wait around too much.
  • For serious gamers who compete or stream their games: you might need speeds of 50 Mbps or more for top performance. Competitive gamers need super fast responses to stay competitive, and streamers need lots of bandwidth to show their games online in high quality.

Picking the right internet plan for your gaming habits helps you have a fun and smooth gaming experience every time.

Know the data you need for online gaming

Knowing how much data online games use is super important for making sure your gaming is top-notch. By figuring out how much data each game needs and making sure your internet is reliable, you can play without any interruptions and really get into the game. No matter if you play a little or a lot, having the right internet speed and data plan can make your gaming experience awesome.

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