Choosing Between Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Your Perfect Gaming Match


Choosing the perfect gaming console for your home can be a fun decision. If you’re into cutting-edge power and eagerly awaited games, the PS5 is a top contender. With its super speedy loading, stunning visuals, and the ability to play older PS4 games, it’s a solid choice. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch is also a fantastic pick. Both consoles offer fantastic games and special advantages that attract a lot of buyers, but which suits you best? Our straightforward Nintendo Switch vs PS5 comparison will help you discover the ideal fit just for you.

Some Differences Between the Switch vs PS5

Let’s check out some differences of the two consoles that make them stand out from each other;


The Nintendo Switch made its debut in March 2017, priced at $300, and already boasts an impressive lineup of popular games. In contrast, Sony’s PS5 hit the market on November 12, 2020, with a $400 price tag (if you manage to snag one in stock). The year 2022 holds the promise of several eagerly awaited PS5 games.

Opt for the Switch if you’re looking to save money, want a console for the whole family, or desire a taste of Nintendo’s exclusive titles. On the other hand, if you’re ready to invest in a high-performance tech marvel that offers next-gen adventures, the PS5 is your go-to choice.

Online Offerings Between Playstation 5 vs Nintendo Switch

For online gaming, PS5 vs Nintendo Switch users will need a special membership. PS5 owners require the PlayStation Plus Collection subscription to play online. This grants access to a selection of past-gen games like God of War, Batman Arkham, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, and more. The membership costs $10 per month, $25 for three months, or $60 annually.

On the other hand, Nintendo Switch Online offers online play, a library of NES and SNES titles, and the ability to save game data to the cloud. You can opt for a $35 Family Membership for a year or an Individual Membership, which costs $4 for one month, $8 for three months, or $20 for twelve months.

Best Two-Player Console

Thankfully, both the Nintendo Switch and PS5 have been around for a good number of years. This means there’s a steady flow of entertaining party games that can be played without needing an internet connection. Well-liked 2-player PS5 games include It Takes Two, Rayman, Untitled Goose Game, and Overcooked (just be ready for some cooking chaos!). These titles are also accessible on the Switch.

Yet, some of the finest Switch exclusives like Splatoon and Mario Party can only be savored on Nintendo’s console. Mario Party is especially a blast for groups of up to four, which is why, in the PS5 vs Nintendo Switch matchup, the Switch stands out as the champion for family enjoyment.

Best Family Console – Nintendo Switch or PS5?

While there’s a bounty of enjoyable games tailored for toddlers, making a smart console choice is a different challenge altogether. Both PlayStation and Nintendo offer an abundance of wonderful games for young players, but which one promises the most fun and ease of play? The frontrunner here is clear – it’s The Switch.

The Nintendo Switch boasts a game lineup featuring titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart, highlighting child-friendliness and accessibility in many of its top games. Mario himself is a gaming icon enjoyed by players of all ages, with many grown-up gamers recalling their earliest gaming moments with the iconic plumber. The Switch alone hosts more than half a dozen games starring Mario – making it a console with delightful variety. Keep in mind that, similar to the PlayStation, these games aren’t included with the console and must be purchased separately (unless you opt for a console and game bundle).

Even though the PlayStation offers its own set of kid-friendly options to kickstart the fun, the competition from Nintendo is simply too strong for us to recommend it over its well-established rival.

Playstation 5 vs Nintendo Switch Controllers

The PS5’s DualSense controller is all about enhancing immersion with its adaptive triggers. Imagine feeling the tension of drawing a bowstring as you line up an arrow or sensing the gentle touch of rain. The DualSense goes beyond with textured grips, a touchpad, microphone, mute, and share buttons. These features are far from just show; they genuinely enrich the gaming experience.

Nintendo’s Joy-Cons step up with motion controls and amiibo scanning, those neat figurines with embedded NPC chips. These aspects bring about a unique gameplay style often seen in party games. Tilt your Joy-Con for steering in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or unlock special items by scanning a Zelda amiibo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

However, Switch owners’ reaction towards Joy-Cons are a mixed bag. They’re on the small side, sport an unconventional design, and many users grumble about Joy-Con drift issues. In fact, lots of Nintendo fans opt for the Pro Controller, which offers a more conventional shape and avoids the drift trouble.

Switch vs PS5 Gameplay Experience

Sony’s console is undoubtedly the more potent one between the two. But since these gadgets deliver distinct gaming experiences, your choice shouldn’t hinge on power alone. Consider what you aim to do with your gaming console.

The PS5 boasts blazing-fast loading and robust processing capabilities, making it ideal for graphics-heavy titles and seamless online multiplayer. With a staggering 2GB of data loaded in just a quarter-second, it’s a speed demon. If you despise long load times, relish high-quality graphics, or thrive in competitive online play, then the PS5’s power is key for you. Contrastingly, the Nintendo Switch prioritizes the gameplay experience and doesn’t even support 4K. While docked to a TV, it hits up to 1080p, and in handheld mode, it maintains 720p. The screen’s small size renders this difference negligible, though.

Equipped with detachable Joy-Cons that transform into individual controllers when held sideways, the Switch ensures effortless on-the-go or at-home multiplayer enjoyment. While many modern multiplayer games demand each player to possess their own console and game copy, Nintendo leans into couch co-op multiplayer titles more than any other gaming company. This means you can invite friends over or host family game nights, all gathered around a single screen, playing together. Numerous multiplayer Switch games support up to four players, while titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate even accommodates up to eight players.

Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Which Will You Choose?

Discovering the perfect gaming console is an exciting choice. Whether it’s the PS5’s power or the Nintendo Switch’s versatility, there’s an ideal fit for you. Dive into this comparison and make the right call for your gaming journey. Choose the console that brings your gaming dreams to life.

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