MobileHelp Review: Is it a Good Medical Alert System?


MobileHelp is a leader in medical alert systems in the personal emergency response systems industry. Their alert systems are trusted by big names like ADT Security and LifeFone, but they also make products for other companies. So, they’re known as a reliable choice for personal emergency help.

Providing Easy Buying Experience

MobileHelp is based in Boca Raton, Florida, where they have more than 160 employees who handle or respond to over 2,400 alarms every day. They want to grow their customer base, so they have long sales hours. You can contact a MobileHelp salesperson at almost any time to place an order. Their sales team is nice, knowledgeable, and satisfies their customers to make them happy.


  • Superior, top-of-the-line hardware that guarantees reliability and performance.
  • Smooth and hassle-free purchasing process, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Unbeatable pricing that remains competitive in the market, offering great value for money.


  • There is no need for a landline with this device, which is not ideal for seniors who prefer this feature.
  • The device is a bit on the bigger side.

In-Home Medical Alert Review of the MobileHelp Classic

The in-home device from MobileHelp has a cellular base station and buttons you wear on your wrist or necklace to call for help. MobileHelp doesn’t have a system that works with a landline, so make sure AT&T cell coverage is good where you are. Check AT&T’s website to see if it covers your area.

The MobileHelp Classic in-home medical alert system has lots of cool features. It has colorful buttons you can see at night, an LCD screen, and a temperature monitor, which is useful if you live somewhere hot and humid. The buttons you wear are also designed to look nice and be comfortable on your wrist or neck.

Bay Alarm Medical’s landline system might be a bit faster, but the difference in response times is very small. It’s easy to get someone on the phone when you need help. The range is about 200 feet in our two-story office. Plus, each system comes with two waterproof buttons for free.

If your cell service is good and you don’t have a landline already, the MobileHelp Classic is a great choice for your in-home medical alert system.

On-the-Go Medical Alert Review of MobileHelp Solo

If you want something light and sleek, there are better options out there than this unit, which is heavy and bulky. But there’s a reason for its size. MobileHelp’s special feature is that the buttons you use at home also work with their mobile device. This is great because many people want one system they can use anywhere. It can be helpful for older adults and those with health issues to try these systems while they’re still feeling good.

Talking about needing extra help or monitoring with an older parent or loved one can be hard. But ignoring safety won’t make it better. Waiting too long to talk about it could put their health at risk and make things more stressful for you as a caregiver. If you want a device that does everything, the MobileHelp Solo could be what you need. It’s not as loud as a regular in-home system, needs to be charged often, isn’t waterproof, and has a limited range of about 100 feet. But if your loved ones are young and come and go a lot, the MobileHelp Solo is a good choice.

MobileHelp Price Range

If you’re checking out different medical alert systems and you like what MobileHelp offers, it’s a good idea to buy directly from them instead of through one of their dealers. This doesn’t mean the dealers are bad, but buying from the manufacturer often means you save money.

The in-home MobileHelp Classic starts at $19.95 per month, with a one-time fee of $49.95. The on-the-go MobileHelp Solo starts at $37.95 per month. You can get both the Classic and Solo together for $41.95 per month.

Prioritize Your Well-Being with MobileHelp

Interested in a reliable medical alert system that offers top-notch hardware, hassle-free purchasing, and competitive pricing? Look no further. Whether you’re seeking in-home or on-the-go coverage, we’ve got you covered with our undeniably high MobileHelp ratings. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prioritize safety and peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones. Choose a trusted solution today.

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