Strave Premium Exclusive Features and Benefits: Is it worth it?


If you’re a runner or cyclist, you probably know about Strava, the popular fitness platform with over 80 million users worldwide. It tracks and logs your runs, rides, and swims, allowing you to share them with friends. You don’t need a fitness coach anymore with this app. The free version offers a great start, providing workout stats, summaries, access to clubs, challenges, and other essential features. As a free subscriber, you may reach a point where you consider upgrading to Strava Premium for $11.99/month or $79.99/year to unlock additional features. The question remains: What do you get for the subscription, and is Strava Premium worth it?

Strava Premium Features

Prior to delving into the premium features tailored specifically for cyclists or runners, let’s highlight the differences between Strava premium and free features that can be found in both groups. So, what do you get with Strava premium? Let’s find out.

Stava Segments

One of Strava’s standout features is its segments, which are well-regarded for their competitive edge. Users create these defined routes between two points, and your elapsed time along these designated paths is logged and compared against fellow Strava athletes. The fastest times earn coveted titles like King or Queen of the Mountain (for cycling) or Course Record (for running). While there are numerous segments available, our focus is primarily on hill climbs or circuits suitable for training laps.

Previously accessible to all Strava users, these segments now have restricted features for non-subscribers, who can only view their overall position on a segment. While this suffices for many, having the ability to analyze and compare efforts against others becomes a valuable tool for those striving for top positions, be it overall, within specific age brackets, or among friends.

The standout advantage of Strava Premium lies in Live Segments. This feature enables real-time tracking of your performance on any starred segment through the Strava mobile app and compatible devices. When paired with a bike computer or running watch, Live Segments become a powerful tool for surpassing personal bests or taking it easy if you’re not close to matching your fastest time.

Relative Effort

If you’re adhering to a training plan, it’s often tempting to strictly follow a schedule without paying attention to the signals your body sends. That’s where Relative Effort comes into play. Leveraging your heart rate data (if you utilize a heart rate monitor) or perceived exertion, this premium feature meticulously assesses the impact of your activities on your body. It serves as a valuable tool, issuing early warnings if you’re pushing too hard or need to dial down the intensity—effectively acting as a preventative measure against overtraining and potential injuries.

While we consider the Relative Effort feature an informative guide, we don’t let it deter us from a run or ride, even when nearing the upper limit of the recommended range. Rather, it acts as a helpful aid in moderating the intensity levels during these activities.


Every fitness device or cycling computer typically comes equipped with its own online route-planning platform, and platforms like Komoot have enhanced the user experience for venturing into unexplored territories on a ride or run. However, most of these platforms necessitate having a predetermined destination in mind. Strava’s Premium offering distinguishes itself by allowing users to meticulously craft routes from scratch on desktop.

Furthermore, its mobile app features a convenient tool that generates routes based on customizable preferences, including sport, distance, and elevation. Drawing from collective user data, these routes prove to be quite reliable, steering users towards popular paths rather than directing them onto congested roads—especially crucial for cyclists.

Custom Goals

Although it might seem simplistic, establishing a goal can serve as a potent source of motivation, especially when you’re not gearing up for a specific event but aim to maintain your fitness level. Strava Premium’s custom goals feature proves invaluable in this regard, enabling you to set targets for segments, cycling power, duration, or distance, both on a weekly and yearly basis.

Moreover, Strava’s ability to aggregate data from various third-party devices ensures that you can conveniently view all your activities in one consolidated place, particularly useful if your running watch and bike computer come from different brands.

More Strava Membership Benefits

Consider a membership for comprehensive access to in-depth insights, personalized training plans, and an enhanced training dashboard on Strava. Subscribers also enjoy priority support for account-related queries. If you’re curious about these features, Strava provides a free 30-day trial period for you to explore the benefits.

  • Training Log and Dashboard: Keep track of everything you do in one spot. Strava will sort out your information for all kinds of activities, display monthly comparisons, and point out interesting facts and numbers.
  • HR & Power Analysis: If you use fitness trackers that record heart rate or power data, you can bring that information into Strava to take a closer look. This helps athletes understand their training and how hard their heart works. You can also make your own heart rate zones to train in a smarter way.
  • Personal Heatmaps: If you’re a Strava member with a subscription, you get more than just the Global Heatmap. You can also check out your personal heatmaps—cool maps that show the paths you’ve taken in all your workouts around the world.
  • Partner Perks: Being a Strava member has its advantages. You get special treats from companies they team up with. These treats can be cool deals on fitness stuff and gear, discounts on fees for events and races, and other good stuff.

So, is paying for a Strava subscription worth it?

Ready to take your running or cycling experience to the next level? Strava Premium offers exclusive features like Live Segments, Relative Effort analysis, custom route creation, and personalized training plans. Upgrade today to discover a world of benefits, including training insights, priority support, and partner perks. Don’t miss out—start your free 30-day trial now and elevate your fitness journey with Strava Premium!

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