Choose the Best Dash Cam for Your Fleet Vehicles: How-to Guide


If you want to make sure you’re safe in case of an accident, stop fraud in your business, keep track of your drivers, or lower your insurance costs, getting in-car video cameras for your fleet vehicles, like the ones police use, is a good idea. But with so many options, which one should you choose? Our guide will talk about different types of dash cam lenses and coverage, features, our top picks for fleet dash cams, and a big list of commercial dash cams you can choose from to find the best dash cam for your fleet vehicles!

Features to Look for in a Fleet Dash Cam

These features are important for using a dash cam in a business with many vehicles. Figure out which ones you absolutely need for your business. This will help you choose the best dash cam for your fleet.

Tamper-proof memory card

A tamper-proof cover for the memory card lets fleet managers lock it while their trucks are driving. Only people with keys can unlock it and take out the memory card. The KP2-LTE dash cam comes with this feature as standard.

Built-in hardwire

Many dash cams for personal cars have a power cord that plugs into the car’s cigarette outlet. This means anyone in the car can unplug it to stop it from recording. But a built-in hardwire harness stops people from unplugging the power and turning off the camera without permission. This keeps the camera recording like it’s supposed to.

GPS logging

The dash cam saves information about how fast the vehicle is going and where it is on the memory card, along with the audio and video recordings. Some dash cams show the speed in the video files, while others let you see the GPS data later using a computer app. Checking the GPS information is very important for your business. It helps you prove if a speeding ticket is wrong and lets you know exactly where your drivers were at certain times.

Parking mode

Keeping an eye on your vehicles and drivers is important, but accidents and thefts can happen when trucks are parked. Lots of fleet dash cams have a parking mode to keep recording even when the vehicle is turned off. With a constant power source, these dash cams can watch 24/7. If there’s any movement, features like the G-sensor and motion detection will start recording. So, if someone tries to open doors or damages the truck while it’s parked, it’s all recorded.

Remote access

Remote access allows business owners and fleet managers to connect with their dash cam system from a distance. Get instant notifications about speeding or impacts on your phone, email, computer, or tablet. You can watch live video from the vehicle and see or save recordings from the memory card.

The Best Commercial Vehicle Camera Systems

Below are some top recommendations for the best fleet dash camera brands you must consider for your business:

BlackVue DR590X-1CH

The BlackVue DR590X-1CH is great for fleets. It has great features in a cool design. You get 1080p recording at 60 fps for clear images day or night. Use WiFi to connect to your dash cam remotely. It’s a good compromise between expensive models and basic ones. If you want a compact, affordable dash cam with great features, this is a top pick.

SmartWitness KP2

The new KP2 dash cam is packed with features for the road. You can add an interior camera later without extra wiring. Unlike other cameras, you choose when to upgrade, saving money. With the modular interior camera, you get a Driver Monitoring System to watch for distracted driving. Even without it, the KP2 has great features: full HD recording, GPS, 4G LTE, automatic incident uploads, and collision prevention with ADAS.

BlackVue DR590X-2CH

The BlackVue DR590X-2CH gives you front and rear video recording without costing too much. It’s discreet but has great features like full HD recording, WiFi, and add-ons. Perfect for commercial vehicles.


The BlackVue DR770X-2CH-TRUCK-LTE is designed for trucks and commercial vehicles that can’t see well. Its rear-facing dashcam is mounted outside for endless placement options. It’s waterproof with infrared lights for clear video, even at night. Records full HD video from the front and rear. Features remote access via smartphone, speed and location tracking, and works with a tamper-proof case. The included SIM card activates instantly for Cloud and Hotspot benefits. You get one month free and can stop anytime. Check your vehicle from far away and use it as a Wi-Fi spot for up to 5 devices.

BlackVue DR770X-BOX

The BlackVue DR770X-BOX dash cam is one of the best dashcams for fleets wanting to boost fleet safety. It’s designed to fit in discreetly, recording full HD footage from front, interior, and rear cameras. With parking surveillance, WiFi, and cloud readiness, it’s always watching, even when parked. The separate box keeps all recordings safe. It’s easy to put in and looks nice. It’s really important for keeping things safe. Trust the DR770X-BOX to keep your company vehicles safe.


The DR770X-BOX-TRUCK dash cam is like the standard DR770X-BOX, but made for heavy-duty vehicles. Its waterproof rear camera can be mounted outside on trucks or vans. It has really clear cameras, lights for recording at night, and a lock to keep recordings safe. It can watch when the vehicle is parked, connect to an app, and have an emergency button. It’s ideal for companies wanting to keep assets and employees safe on the road.

Choose the Best Dash Cam Brand for Your Fleet Vehicles

To make sure your fleet stays safe and secure, equip your vehicles with reliable dash cams. Explore our guide to find the best features for your needs, from tamper-proof memory cards to remote access. With the best suggestions and important features explained, you’ll have everything you need to make the right decision for your business. Don’t wait—protect your fleet today!

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