How Accurate is MyHeritage for Finding DNA Matches?


People often notice discrepancies between their MyHeritage DNA ethnicity estimate and those from other testing companies, leading to skepticism about the accuracy of DNA matches on the site. To address concerns about the precision of MyHeritage DNA, this discussion focuses on examining the reliability of both the ethnicity estimate and DNA matches provided by the platform to determine if MyHeritage is accurate or not.

How MyHeritage DNA Began

MyHeritage DNA Test boasts a user base of 104 million worldwide, promising detailed insights into your unique genetic profile and family tree. Your DNA results could be matched with 2,114 possible geographic regions and 42 ethnicities.

Beginning as a home business in 2003, MyHeritage started as a free online service to help build family trees. Founded by Gilad Japhet, the “genealogy garage startup” expanded over the years, incorporating advanced matching technologies for easier lineage research. The MyHeritage app was introduced in 2010, and a historical record database was added in 2012.

The first MyHeritage DNA at-home genetic test came in 2016. Over the past six years, it has amassed data from 7.2 million DNA tests, compiled 19.4 billion digitized historical records, and gained over 1 million annual subscribers, according to the company.

How does MyHeritage DNA work?

To start with MyHeritage DNA, order a kit from their website. It usually arrives in a week, but the time may vary based on your location.

Once the kit is in your hands:

  • Sign up online using your personal email and details.
  • Connect your account with the test by entering the unique code on the activation insert and box.
  • Take a simple cheek swab as instructed.
  • Use the provided envelope to mail the test back (postage not prepaid).
  • Now, wait for updates. MyHeritage DNA will email you progress updates like “Your DNA sample has arrived at the lab” during the process.

Access your results in about four weeks:

  • Receive an email alert when your data is ready in your online account.
  • Explore your ethnicity estimates, genetic groups, and DNA matches.

In your account, find a DNA tab for results. See a map of your general ethnicity, percentages, and genetic group information. Visualize potential genetic matches categorized as Close Family, Extended Family, and Distant Relatives. For more details, a premium upgrade is needed to contact or view family trees.

Is the MyHeritage DNA ethnicity estimate accurate?

The MyHeritage DNA ethnicity accuracy is generally accurate. You might wonder why MyHeritage results sometimes differ from what you know about your family history, results from another company, or your expectations.

Keep in mind that MyHeritage ethnicity results are usually accurate. “Usually” is the term used because estimating ancestry is not perfect due to evolving technology in ethnicity estimates. It’s not foolproof, but it’s generally reliable.

How accurate are the MyHeritage DNA matches?

The MyHeritage DNA match list stands on par with DNA match lists from Ancestry DNA, Living DNA, 23andMe, and Family Tree DNA. Those closely related to you are very likely to be close relatives, falling within MyHeritage’s estimated relationship range.

The MyHeritage DNA test excels in accuracy and reliability for identifying DNA matches. While the Ethnicity Estimate delivers precise results for most individuals, remember that it’s an estimate. Consider it within context, acknowledging its limitations.

What are its benefits?

  • A quick and simple cheek swab test is easier than an at-home COVID-19 test.
  • Your privacy is a top priority with multi-layered encryption. Your DNA and results are exclusively yours; they’re not sold or used without your consent. You have the option to delete your data at any time.
  • Certified labs handle DNA analysis, meeting Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) standards.
  • A vast database with 6.2 million DNA samples and extensive genealogy data supports matches for those exploring family histories.
  • Get more than just ethnicity estimates; explore 2,114 genetic groups to see where your relatives cluster, along with detailed breakdowns of your ethnicity.

How about its potential drawbacks?

Postage is an extra cost that is not covered. It’s something to consider, especially if you’re ordering internationally.
While the DNA breakdowns provide information, some users feel they lack specificity, with broad percentages rather than pinpointed countries. Accuracy concerns have been raised compared to other similar DNA tests.
Navigating the site can be confusing. Features like chromosome matching may not be clear for those without expertise. Sorting through thousands of matches, some only distantly related, can be overwhelming.
Access to the advertised 18.6 billion historical records requires a subscription. To delve deep into family history, be ready to spend an additional $300 per year, though there’s currently a 50% off offer for new members in the first year.

What’s the total cost of MyHeritage DNA?

MyHeritage DNA costs $89, plus shipping. Remember, you’ll also cover the shipping cost to send back the DNA swabs.

For a deeper dive into your family history, access to the historical database, and other advanced features, an annual subscription is required. It’s $300 for a year, but there’s a 50% discount for the first year, which can be renewed at the regular rate. This discount is available immediately with a free one-month subscription during kit purchase, or it can be accessed later after you receive your results.

The initial fee doesn’t include medical or health insights. This additional information is available for a $120 fee, with a half-price option for new customers, making it $60 if you sign up.

Discover the Accuracy of MyHeritage DNA Today

Ready to uncover the secrets of your DNA and family history? With MyHeritage DNA, embark on a journey of discovery! Navigate the complexities and enjoy the benefits of a vast database, precise matches, and detailed ethnic insights. Act now, order your kit, and delve into the rich tapestry of your heritage. Uncover your unique story with MyHeritage DNA today!

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