7 of the Best Window Treatments for a Nursery


When you’re setting up a nursery for a baby, there are lots of things to think about. One important detail is what you’ll put on the windows. These window decorations are not just for looks; they also help with light and sleep. So, it’s key to choosing the right ones.

There’s a lot to think about, like how much sunlight comes through the windows and when. Thin curtains for a nursery look nice but might not be great for naps. Valances can add a nice touch, but some people find them too fancy. Wood shutters and safe blinds are other choices that could be good, either alone or with curtains for extra coziness.

Remember to think about how long your nursery window treatments will last, since they can be expensive. It’s smart to choose something that will still look good even if you change the colors or themes in the room later on. This is especially important if you’re getting something custom-made. Here are some great window treatment ideas that are both practical and lovely for baby rooms.

Dramatic Nursery Window Treatments

For a classic, vintage, or fairy tale-themed nursery, long curtains that touch the floor look really nice. Choose a color that matches the vibe of the room; it can either stand out or blend in. If you’re getting custom curtains or making them yourself, aim for about 6 to 10 inches of extra fabric at the bottom of each panel for that elegant look. A simple trick to make regular curtains longer is to add another piece of fabric at the bottom for a color-block effect, or you could add fringe.

Blackout Nursery Curtains

Blackout shades are super practical for the nursery, especially if you have lots of sunlight or live in a place where it stays bright late. You’ve got a few choices for adding them. You can use simple pull-down panels along with other curtains for a soft look during the day and better sleep at night. There are also blackout liners you can pull across for extra darkness when it’s time to sleep. Or, you can go for blackout curtains themselves – they look fancy but are great at keeping light out.

Light and Airy Nursery Window Treatments

If you like the light and airy style of your nursery, think about using soft, sheer curtains. They come in lots of fabrics, so you can choose colors or prints, or keep it simple with white. If you need more darkness for sleep, you can add shades or blinds inside. Whether on their own or with something else, these breezy curtains can give your baby’s room a simple and stylish finish.

Nursery Window Shades

Roller shades are a simple choice for controlling light; you can adjust them to let in just the right amount. They’re timeless and blend well with any nursery style, which is great as your baby grows. Roman shades offer a neat, pleated appearance when raised, and though they have cords inside, they’re designed to be safe. Roller and honeycomb shades are cord-free and less fancy than Romans, but they’re easy to use and safe. Whichever you choose, these shades will keep the sun at bay without dominating the room.

Nursery Shutters and Blinds

There are lots of safe and good-looking shutters and nursery blinds, giving it a timeless and calming vibe. Wooden slats can be moved with a stick in the middle or on the side to let light in or block it out. Cordless blinds come in various materials like aluminum, plastic, and wood, providing many baby-safe choices for a classic look. If plain shutters or blinds seem too basic, you can pick colorful ones or paint them yourself. You can also pair them with sheer curtains or drapes for a fancier touch.

Nursery Window Valances

Valances have a history of hiding window hardware, but even with modern options, they still add a nice touch. They come in three main types: gathered, scarf, and straight, with lots of styles to choose from. Adding a valance to your baby’s window treatment is like putting a bow on a present—it makes everything look nicer. You can get custom valances for a perfect fit, or find universal ones at many stores. Some shades even come with a built-in valance, which works well for smaller windows without adding too much.

DIY Nursery Window Treatment Ideas

If custom curtains are too pricey and store-bought ones don’t quite fit, many parents opt to make their baby’s curtains themselves. You can buy plain panels from places like Amazon or Target and jazz them up with hot-glued pom poms or colorful fabric ties at the top where the curtain hangs from the rod. Adding trim is easy too – you can sew it on with a sewing machine or iron it on using hem tape.

Find the Best Nursery Window Treatments for Your Baby’s Comfort

Choose the perfect window treatments for your baby’s nursery with confidence. Consider factors like light control, safety, and style as you explore options like curtains, shades, shutters, and valances. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or something light and airy, there’s a solution for every nursery. Don’t forget about DIY options if you’re feeling creative! Make your baby’s room cozy and beautiful with the right window treatments today.

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