11 Perfume Brands that Make You Smell Like You’re Wearing Baby Powder


Ever noticed how comforting the smell of baby powder is? Don’t deny it, especially if you grew up with younger siblings. It’s strangely appealing, right? Surprisingly, many people cite it as their favorite scent, probably because it brings back nostalgic memories and transcends gender. Now, you don’t have to sprinkle baby powder all over yourself because there are perfume brands that will make you smell like baby powder. Check out these recommended options and say goodbye to the baby powder mess!

How to smell like a baby with baby powder

You’ve probably had the experience of being dusted with baby powder as a baby, regardless of your gender. That’s why its scent is so nostalgic, reminding you of childhood memories! It has a gentle and clean aroma, reminiscent of being freshly showered. Because it’s not overpowering, it’s become popular in the fragrance industry, even getting its own niche.

What perfume brands can make you smell like baby powder?

Here are some perfumes and colognes that capture that comforting baby powder scent for you to enjoy!

Prada Milano Infusion D’Iris Eau de parfum Spray

The Prada Milano Infusion D’Iris Eau de Parfum Spray smells like fresh iris mixed with citrus. It also has hints of neroli, orange flower, cedar, and mandarin, giving it a powdery or soapy finish. The iris scent is light and airy, and it took 6 months to make!

Flower by Kenzo

Flower is a perfect example of a perfume that smells like baby powder and vanilla. If you like a gentle and girly scent with a hint of baby powder, it’s also the best option out there! This perfume has a floral smell with hints of Hawthorne, parma violets, and Bulgarian roses. After a while, it becomes a bit musky and vanilla-like. It’s sweeter and creamier than regular baby powder, but still gives that cozy powdery feel!

Demeter Baby Powder

If you want to smell just like baby powder without using it, try Demeter Baby Powder! Demeter has lots of unique scents, like glue, kitten fur, rain, petrichor, and even chili pepper. Plus, this perfume is a single note, so you can mix it with other perfumes for a different smell!

Guerlain Eau De Shalimar

If you’re crazy about perfumes, you have to check out Guerlain! They’ve been making fragrances for over 200 years, and their bottles and scents are top-notch. This perfume smells like baby powder with a hint of citrus at first, then turns musky with warm vanilla and orris. Plus, it comes in a classy bottle!

BVLGARI Petit et Mamans

If you’ve got kids and worry about them playing with your perfumes, try BVLGARI Petit et Mamans! It’s made with safe ingredients for both moms and kids. The gentle scent reminds you of childhood with hints of talc and chamomile, plus a touch of oranges and bergamot. And it comes in cute packaging that both moms and kids will love!

ZARA Femme

You’ve likely heard of ZARA as a trendy fashion store, but did you know they also sell affordable perfumes? ZARA Femme smells like baby powder with hints of peony and bergamot at first, then turns creamy with musk and vanilla. It’s got a touch of patchouli for sophistication too!

Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette Spray

Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette Spray isn’t just baby powder—it’s got roses and spice too! It’s really fresh, with hints of nutmeg, tonka bean, ginger, and mandarin orange. And as it dries, it becomes powdery.

Prada L’homme L’eau Eau De Toilette Spray

The Prada L’homme L’eau Eau De Toilette Spray smells powdery, with neroli and iris leading the way, along with woody top notes. It’s light and fresh, and surprisingly long-lasting, with hints of ginger and spice. While it’s not exactly like baby powder, it’s got a masculine touch to it.

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray isn’t exactly like the original Blue Jeans, but it’s still a good pick for a baby powder smell. It’s got citrus and lime notes, ending with sandalwood and iris. The lime gives it a tangy smell that really stands out.

Royal Copenhagen Cologne Spray

The Royal Copenhagen Cologne Spray has an old-school vibe with its powdery scent, mixing calming lavender and musk. It’s got a masculine feel and smells clean and classy. Plus, it’s affordable and has hints of tobacco with a strong rose note.

Bvlgari Blv Eau De Toilette Spray

Bvlgari Blv Eau De Toilette Spray gives a twist to the baby powder smell with some spice, including cardamom and juniper berries. It also mixes in tobacco flowers and teak wood for a clean scent. It’s not heavy and works well, even in hot Singapore weather.

Smell Like a Baby with Baby Powder-Scented Perfumes and Colognes

Smell like baby powder and feel the nostalgia! Discover a range of perfumes and colognes that capture that comforting scent. Whether you’re reminiscing about childhood memories or simply love the gentle aroma, these fragrances offer a touch of familiarity and warmth. Try them out and embrace the cozy feeling of baby powder without the mess!

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